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Category: "downtown"

August 13, 2021

Coming to our homepage, you may notice a new button that invites you to “Explore recent adventures.”  Well, now you can do just that! We recently started working with Shrpa, a co-op program with Explore Minnesota. We’re excited to welcome various bloggers to Leech Lake and the Walker, MN community to show them all that… More Info

July 1, 2021

Photo Credit: Jimmy’s Family Restaurant Hello! Welcome to Leech Lake and Walker, Minnesota! Whether you’re visiting Leech Lake or you’re living in Walker, you may have noticed some changes these last couple of months. Mainly, places are open in-person and welcoming customers. If you’re vaccinated, you don’t even have to wear a mask. We’re excited… More Info

April 13, 2021

Looking for jobs in Walker? Need a job near the Leech Lake area?    Job seekers in the Leech Lake area have endless opportunities! Join us on today, on April 13, from 8:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. at our 2021 job fair! This year’s event is virtual, which allows both employers and job seekers to… More Info

March 2, 2021

Need a job? Need employees? We’ve got just the event for you. And this year, our job fair is a virtual event! On March 1st, registration began for the Leech Lake Virtual Job Fair, which takes place all day on April 13th.  While this year’s job fair for all of the Leech Lake area is a… More Info

January 27, 2021

The year 2020 has been a strange one for all of us and our yearly Festival of Lights was no different.  The chamber was busy trying to keep keep things as normal as possible had to finally admit that our Festival of Lights was going to have to look different this year. We introduced our… More Info

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