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Category: "Member of the week"

August 8, 2022

The founding members of the GFWC Nevis Women’s Club, established in 1909, focused their early efforts on the beautification of Nevis and continue their early efforts to protect the environment and conserve natural habitats through their Nevis Pollinator Garden and the Heartland Trail Pollinator Highway, the first project of its type along a trail in… More Info

December 22, 2021

In November we had our monthly Business After Hours at the Walker Area Community Center. Walker Youth Hockey was our host. It was a very informative evening. Along with a great set up of food and drink, we learned so much about our local youth hockey. Walker Youth Hockey strives to provide the youth of… More Info

December 20, 2021

My name is Jay Dworsky. My family is new to the Leech Lake area. We just bought a cabin on Leech in April 2021 (not too far from Diamond Point). We absolutely love our cabin, a gift from the heavens! I have to say, I never want to leave it just feels like home amidst… More Info

November 1, 2021

WildEar by CavCom, Inc. Joins the Leech Lake Chamber of Commerce CavCom, Inc. has been a Walker Area business for many years producing industrial hearing protection and communication systems for companies all over the United States and Canada. CavCom’s recent acquisition of the WildEar brand is focused on bringing their hearing protection products into the personal… More Info

October 7, 2021

Randy Jenson and Kim Meyer, Gerry & Michele Heaslip both have lake homes on Leech Lake. With a passion for the outdoors and recreation, Walker Storage Max was envisioned out of a need to store their own fish houses, boats, snowmobiles, etc. Before too long, the first building was built just south of the Y on… More Info

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