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Credit: Jimmy’s Family Restaurant

We’re Here, We’re Happy and We’re HIRING!

Photo Credit: Jimmy’s Family Restaurant

Hello! Welcome to Leech Lake and Walker, Minnesota!

Whether you’re visiting Leech Lake or you’re living in Walker, you may have noticed some changes these last couple of months. Mainly, places are open in-person and welcoming customers. If you’re vaccinated, you don’t even have to wear a mask.

We’re excited to welcome all of those who visit Leech Lake as well as our retail and dining community. As you stroll through and visit businesses in Walker this summer, we just ask that you keep some things in mind!


Walker is Hiring!

If you visit this summer, you may consider staying a while! After all, there are plenty of jobs open in Walker!
In earnest, please be patient with the local businesses in Walker. Many restaurants, places to stay and places to shop are not only hiring, but they’re working with smaller staff numbers than a usual summer season.


Be Kind to Our Service Industry

Not only is Walker hiring. This is one of the busiest summers we’ve ever seen in Leech Lake Tourism as well as in the Walker business community! We take this as a positive! We are so thankful to see our community booming again. Summer on Leech Lake will be one to remember for the best reasons, so long as everyone is kind.
Whether it’s your waitress at a busy Leech Lake restaurant, employees at one of the places to shop in Walker, or a bartender with a handful of orders, remember that kindness and patience go a long way. Our local employees work so hard to give visitors and locals alike a great summer on Leech Lake. We want them to have a positive experience in their work as well!


Be Kind to One Another

You may wonder why someone is still wearing a mask. You may wonder why the person in front of you at the boat ramp is taking so long to get to boating on Leech Lake. You may wonder why the person at the restaurant bar needs to order six drinks for their whole table.
Whether you’re on vacation on Leech Lake or a local living in Walker, there is bound to be some frustrations this summer, and these situations will also call for some patience and kindness. Remember that there is never a reason to make rude comments, and that those comments will harm the situation more than they help.

Besides, everyone on Leech Lake and strolling the streets of Walker has one goal in mind, and that’s to have an enjoyable time out of the house. Some of us are reuniting with friends and family, and others are just soaking up the sun.

We’re all happy to be out of the house after a long stretch. Let’s make the best of it by being kind to one another.

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