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Category: "Activities"

February 4, 2021

February brings us both Groundhog’s Day and Valentine’s Day, yet the month may get you down.  You may not be feeling the love, or, like the famous Bill Murray film, each day can seem to drag on and on.  Whether you’re a Leech Lake Chamber member, community resident or a visitor to the Leech Lake… More Info

January 27, 2021

The year 2020 has been a strange one for all of us and our yearly Festival of Lights was no different.  The chamber was busy trying to keep keep things as normal as possible had to finally admit that our Festival of Lights was going to have to look different this year. We introduced our… More Info

January 6, 2021

This year cabin fever will hit many of us hard. The holidays have ended, we just got out of another lockdown, yet we’re still encouraged to social distance and avoid crowds. The winter weather does not help. Or maybe the winter weather does help. Minnesota winters provide plenty of recreational activities that can be enjoyed… More Info

October 14, 2020

As COVID-19 continues to change our lives, one question has been asked over and over: Is Halloween canceled? But in Walker, MN, we know such a thing could never exist! Sure, events may look different and crowds may not gather. But that doesn’t change the fact that Halloween is on the calendar, and this year,… More Info