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Shop Small and Win Big in our Local Giveaways This Holiday Season

The holiday season is here! From finding the perfect gift for a loved one to discovering unique pieces of art crafted by local talent, and even stocking up on everyday necessities, the retailers in Walker, MN are here to make your holiday shopping experience unforgettable. The charm of our community is woven into every shop, and the spirit of the season is alive and well.

When you shop local, you’re not just purchasing goods; you’re investing in the heart of our community. It’s a way to show love, support, and appreciation for the businesses that are the backbone of our town. From unique gifts to clothing and sporting goods, they have it all! 


 Paul Bunyan Broadcasting’s Great Gift Card Giveaway

Excitement is in the air as Paul Bunyan Broadcasting presents the Great Gift Card Giveaway, featuring a grand prize of a whopping $1000 in gift cards! But that’s not all – there are numerous additional prize packages up for grabs, with thrilling drawings scheduled for early January.

How to Participate

To be part of this fantastic giveaway, individuals can acquire tickets from sponsoring businesses listed on the official chamber website. It’s as simple as making a minimum purchase of $10 or more, and for those eager to increase their chances, there’s a maximum limit of 40 tickets per transaction. Sponsoring businesses are ready to get you in on the action, with the only restriction being a cap of 40 tickets per transaction, even if your total purchase exceeds $400.

Who Can Participate?

Participants must be 18 years of age or older to receive a ticket, and the best part is, you don’t have to be present at the drawing to win! The winning ticket numbers will be posted in early January at all participating businesses and on the official Leech Lake Area Chamber of Commerce website. Chamber members can also expect an email with the list of winning numbers, and physical copies will be available for pick up.

Eligibility for Business Owners and Employees

Sponsoring business owners and their hardworking employees are eligible to win, with a small twist – the drawn ticket must not be part of a sequence issued to their respective business or place of employment. It adds an extra layer of excitement as even those behind the counter have a chance to be on the receiving end of this giveaway. Employees can also receive credit for purchases at their store, provided they present a signed receipt from their store manager at the Chamber to obtain their contest tickets.

No Purchase Necessary

For those who wish to try their luck without making a purchase, sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to the Leech Lake Area Chamber of Commerce at the provided address is the way to go. It’s a fantastic opportunity for everyone in the community to join in on the excitement.

Gear up for a thrilling start to the new year with the Great Gift Card Giveaway! Spread the word, visit your local sponsoring businesses, and be part of the excitement. May the odds be ever in your favor! 

Please note that all decisions made by the Leech Lake Area Chamber of Commerce and Paul Bunyan Broadcasting are considered final. For any questions or inquiries, individuals may contact the Leech Lake Area Chamber of Commerce at 218-547-1313.

De La Hunt Media Christmas Cash Giveaway

‘Tis the season to spread joy, and what better way to celebrate than by participating in the De La Hunt Media Christmas Cash Giveaway! This festive initiative aims to not only bring holiday cheer but also promote the importance of shopping local during this special time of the year.

Why Participate?

This year, the Leech Lake Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to contribute to the merriment by adding Chamber Dollars to the Christmas Cash pool. The more local businesses that join the festivities, the larger the cash pool becomes—potentially reaching a jolly $500! It’s a win-win situation: shoppers get a chance to win some extra holiday cash, and local businesses receive support from their community.

Weekly Drawings and Prizes

Leading up to Christmas, De La Hunt Media will conduct multiple drawings every week, each awarding a minimum of $75 in Christmas Cash. As we inch closer to the most magical day of the year, we’ll amp up the excitement with additional drawings to ensure the entire cash pool is joyfully distributed.

How to Participate

Upon entering a participating store, be sure to look out for the registration box, poster, and registration slips. Simply fill out a slip and drop it in the box for a chance to win! The Christmas Cash winners will be chosen through a random drawing, adding an extra dash of excitement to the holiday season.

Redemption and Announcements

If you’re one of the lucky winners, our dedicated staff will contact you to arrange the pickup of your “Christmas Cash” and/or “Chamber Dollars.” Stay tuned to hear the winners announced on air, along with details about where they registered. It’s a great way to celebrate the community spirit and acknowledge the businesses that make this season truly magical.

Spread the Joy, Shop Local!

Remember, the Christmas Cash can only be spent at participating stores, making it a fantastic opportunity to support local businesses and discover unique holiday treasures. Treat your Christmas Cash like real money, and if you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact your sales representative for a 100 percent reimbursement.

This holiday season, let’s come together as a community, support our local businesses, and make the De La Hunt Media Christmas Cash Giveaway a memorable and joy-filled event for everyone.

While the holiday season is a prime time to shop, our downtown retailers in Walker, MN, are open year-round. So, whether you’re here for a winter wonderland or a summertime adventure, you can always experience the joy of shopping locally!

This holiday season, let’s come together, support local businesses, and celebrate the spirit of community and giving. Reach out to the Leech Lake Chamber of Commerce with any questions you have about your visit to the area. Happy shopping!


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