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Category: "Fishing Report"

July 22, 2019

Steve Nosbisch Fishing Guide Fishing has improved over the past few days on Leech Lake. The yearly bug hatches are finally starting to wind Down, and the walleyes are beginning to target other food sources. Many of the walleyes in the cleaning shacks this week have had either small perch or crayfish in their stomach…. More Info

July 15, 2019

Steve Nosbisch Guide Service Well we’ve made it to the halfway point in the summer. I think it’s safe to call this time of year the “dog days” of summer. Hot weather and sunny days seem to make up most of our days. Walleye fishing continues to be up and down. Some days just seem… More Info

July 8, 2019

Steve Nosbisch Fishing Guide The walleye fishing on Leech Lake has been both up and down this past week. The good days have been really good with a nice mix of keepers and big fish being caught in the same areas. The areas and techniques are very similar to last week. The bug hatch is… More Info

July 1, 2019

Steve Nosbisch Fishing Guide The mayfly hatch seems to be in full swing, but the fish are still willing to bite. This week things have changed a bit. Last week majority of the walleyes caught were on a live bait rig tipped with a leech or nightcrawler. This week it seems to be a little… More Info

June 24, 2019

Steve Nosbisch Guide Service The Walleye fishing continues to remain good on Leech Lake. The bait of choice has changed, but for the most part the locations have not changed much. Earlier in the week a jig and minnow was by far the bait of choice in my boat, but recently a Lindy Rig and… More Info