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Category: "Fishing Report"

May 31, 2022

  Leisure Outdoor Adventures 507-450-7986(Cell) 1-855-LOA-Hook Things are starting to change and evolve.  Walleyes are still scattered from 6-14 feet of water throughout the lake. Some are chasing shiners on the lake and others are starting to move out to the primary break.  With that being said you need to start to have… More Info

May 23, 2022

Leisure Outdoor Adventures Leech Lake Walleyes on Leech Lake found themselves spread out but feeding on shiners.  A Jig and shiner and lindy rigs with shiners and crawlers were the go to presentations during the course of the week.  Somedays walleyes were wanting it dragged along which is where lindy rigs worked well and… More Info

May 16, 2022

Leech Lake Guide Team Steve Nosbisch Leech Lake Guide Team West Side: Another year and another good start to the fishing season on Leech Lake. Overall fishing was good this weekend. Water temps ranged anywhere from 48°-52° in most areas. With the cooler water temperatures the fish were a little sluggish at times,… More Info

February 22, 2022

It’s almost becoming comical at this point, but yet another weekend blizzard hindered much if any at all movement on Leech Lake. A fresh inch of snow followed by 50mph wind gusts on Friday created whiteout conditions leaving many areas completely impossible. Main Lake – A few areas in Sucker Bay, Horseshoe Bay and Traders… More Info

February 17, 2022

Wind and snow ruled the week once again.  A fresh 4-5 inches of snow followed by 40mph gusts of wind on friday created a headache for everyone trying to fish this last weekend.  With that said, here is your current ice and fishing report for Leech Lake. Main Lake – Conditions out of Andersons Pine… More Info