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Welcome to the Chamber: The Crossfire

I am super excited to be here in Walker and providing healthy meals at The Crossfire Satellite Nutrition Club in the Walker Community Center! Gretchen, the director here, has been AMAZING and very welcoming! I have a special space in my heart for all small businesses. I truly do believe in shopping local because all these business owners have families just like myself and are striving to provide for them.
I am a Herbalife Wellness Coach in the lakes area and have been living in the area for 23 years. I am VERY passionate about helping people lead a healthy active lifestyle. Just watching people attain their health goals and gain back their self esteem is just so rewarding. My heart is happy when I watch their transformations.
Before Herbalife, my husband and I had gone on a community weight loss program and each of us lost 35 pounds. It was a rather extensive program and very expensive (but well worth it when it came to our health). When we completed the program, we were concerned with HOW to maintain our weight loss. We were introduced to Herbalife and immediately noticed amazing energy, digestive balance and an overall nutritional balance. The very Best thing is that we have now maintained that original weight loss for 6 years.
So, if the question were posed to me “Why Herbalife and not another program?” My answer would be first and foremost, the products WORK when used with the direction of a wellness coach. The coaching we provide is KEY to people’s success! I have a body scanner that giver me a person’s body composition to be able to customize their meal plan. Secondly, these products, which also include supplements, are created by doctors and scientist who follow the labeling law and mega dosing law. If you don’t know what these are, stop by my Satellite Nutrition Club at Walker Area Community Center and I can explain I can also tell you that a retired surgeon general of the US is on the Herbalife board and he is only one of the few impressive doctors that are on board.
Lastly, we are a nutrition company, not just weight loss, so we are able to teach people how to eat the right foods so they can maintain a healthy lifestyle.
I am looking forward to my future here in Walker and hope to have a healthy, beneficial impact on the community with my services. I also plan on giving back by running various fundraisers! Our hours currently are 8 am – 6 pm @ WACC. Like us on FB for current hours.
Disclaimer: People who use Herbalife Formula 1 twice a day as part of a healthy lifestyle can generally expect to lose around half a pound to 1 pound per week.
Pictured is: Brenda Steidler

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