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WARNING! Never been to Moondance Jammin’ Country? Here’s A Must Read Article:

If you’ve never been to Moondance Jammin’ Country, it is imperative that you get all the facts and get a clear understanding of what you’re up for if you dare go to Moondance Jammin Country, an outdoor country music festival just 7 miles East of Walker, Minnesota.

It’s sickening how often the owner, Kathy Bieloh, gets email after email about the following items concerning her event coming up this weekend, June 16-18th.

As a Walker local, I just want you to understand what you’re in for:

  1. Moondance Jammin Country (MJC) IS NOT CROWDED. It actually has plenty of space so every Jammer can enjoy every show from just about anywhere on the concert grounds.  You can be right in the middle of the devoted crowd, right next to the stage and surrounded with great sound.  Or choose to be a little further back by the sound stage and easy to move around or on the natural inclined area where the view and the sound are perfect for those that want to visit while watching the show.  Yes, you can actually talk and hear each other.
  2. Anyone, and I repeat, ANYONE CAN GET UP FRONT to see any artist up close. And I’m talking “nose-hair” close.  There is no high price section or special seating in front of the stage.  It is crazy, in this day and age, that the general admission ticket holder at Moondance can be 8’ from the stage where each and every band performs.   Again, just warning that you will be able to see Jake Owen’s cute toes while he’s singing “Barefoot Blue Jean Night.”  You have been warned.
  3. THE CONCERT AREA IS CLEAN AND BEAUTIFUL. The grassy camp grounds are absolutely amazing with rolling hills, picturesque wooded sites and all within close proximity that you can easily walk to and from your campsite from the concert area.  I know, such a bummer that you don’t have to take a 20 minute shuttle bus ride every time you want to go back to your campsite.
  4. MJC HAS THE FRIENDLIEST STAFF. They truly love and believe in the Moondance Motto:  “Always a Good Time At Moondance.” They are helpful, great people that are there to ensure you are safe and have fun.  Kathy gets this comment all the time… I know, how annoying to hear this, year after year.
  5. MOONDANCE IS A FAMILY. They are the nicest group of music loving, fun-seeking, down to earth people that just love to get together every year to relax, listen to great music and just have fun….. I know this sounds like I’m overgeneralizing, but it really is the nicest group of people you’ll ever spend the weekend with.  Trust me, I’ve been around them since day one.

So often I hear, “We don’t go to Moondance because we don’t like crowds.”  And then I always ask if they’ve ever been to Moondance.  And they always say, “No, we just assume there are tons of people, it’s loud, and hard to get around.”  I’m here to tell you, it is just the opposite.  There is plenty of space for all ticket holders to stand and sit where they want, dance where they want, and enjoy every act with a cold drink in hand.

To be clear, if you like rude people, crappy music, stinky restrooms, and you have to stand so far back, you can’t even see the jumbo-trons, I can give you other recommendations that are a better fit for you.

I have been to many concerts and Moondance is by far the nicest, most amazing outdoor venue with great sound, the sweetest, friendliest crowd and again, it’s ALWAYS A GOOD TIME.

So if you decide to roll the dice and take a chance at starting your summer off right at Moondance this year, don’t ever say I didn’t warn you.  Moondance is a place where memories and friendships are made year after year after year.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please feel free to email me at  Curious about how to get there, what beer is served, all the food options, they layout, etc. feel free to contact me, I’m happy walk you through it.

I hope to see you at Moondance Jammin Country.  I’ll be the one admiring Jake’s toes.


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