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Virtual Event Announcement: Leech Lake Area Job Fair 2021!

Need a job? Need employees?

We’ve got just the event for you. And this year, our job fair is a virtual event! On March 1st, registration began for the Leech Lake Virtual Job Fair, which takes place all day on April 13th

While this year’s job fair for all of the Leech Lake area is a virtual event, employees who are hiring can still go live from their very own booth!  You can register for your booth at

Those seeking jobs near Leech Lake can chat with you face-to-face in your booth on the video chat. Your own booth gives you the chance to share your business’ imaging and branding, your own intro video, contact information, and a link to your website.

Plus, you get to choose whether you stay all day, or leave your booth after a few hours. If you leave, a prospective employee can leave you a message — so you won’t miss them if you’re gone! The best part is that this way, you have less to pack up and haul home!

Our Leech Lake job fair is a one-day-only event. You get to interact live with job seekers or employers at your own convenience. 

We even have a short how-to video to show you how easy it is to set up and join the fun! For a short tutorial on just how easy this process will be, click here

For our virtual job fair, we’re using Booth Central. Learn more about it and its services here! Still, have questions? Click here for FAQ information from Booth Central!


We can all agree that this last year has been tough, and in many places, especially on jobs. But jobs in Walker, MN, and in the Leech Lake area are not just findable — our local business community is hiring!

That’s why we’re happy to provide an atmosphere to partner both prospective employees as well as employers. 

You don’t need a staff person to man your booth. You don’t have to haul information to the event and back after a long day. And your chats with your prospective employees will include privacy, for both yourself and for them.

We are excited to see you on April 13, and look forward to helping you hire!

Here are the rates for when you register:

  • Leech Lake Area Chamber of Commerce Members: $100
  • Non-Chamber Members: $125
  • Volunteer/Nonprofits: $50

You will pay when you log on and set up your booth with help from Booth Central. All payments must go through Booth Central; the Leech Lake Area Chamber of Commerce cannot accept any payments. Call 218-547-1313 with any questions.

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