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Unknown Facts about the Leech Lake Walleye Tournament

A new day begins for walleye tournaments on Leech Lake…

Walleye tournaments have been a tradition on Leech Lake for over 25 years. The entire Leech Lake community has strongly supported tournaments over the years with dozens of volunteers working to make them a success. The community is proud to say that the tournament tradition now continues as the new Leech Lake Walleye Tournament.

Leech Lake Fishing Task Force

Through countless hours of effort by the Leech Lake Fishing Task Force, in conjunction with the Leech Lake Band and the Minnesota DNR, they are realizing their goal of bringing back a strong and sustainable walleye fishery on the lake. It began in 2005 with a cormorant control plan and an aggressive stocking program. By 2010, over 100 million walleye fry had been introduced into Leech Lake. The result of this effort has been a return to quality walleye fishing that is as good as it has ever been, with Leech Lake once again being one of the hottest walleye lakes in Minnesota. The Leech Lake Walleye Tournament will showcase this walleye fishery recovery.

Our Mission:

The mission of the Leech Lake Area Walleye Tournament is to build a strong
community by providing financial support for area “non-profit”
organizations and promote tourism through fishing and family recreation.

Vision Statement:

To create a family-oriented, lake-friendly fishing tournament that will develop into
the largest locally sponsored non-profit walleye tournament in the country.


The unknown fact about the Leech Lake Walleye Tournament is how this tournament benefits out town.  This year we did a questionnaire with our fisherman asking them what they spent before and during the tournament this year.  Here are some of the results.

Restaurants        $17,130

Groceries            $8,815

Resorts                 $18,455

Motels                 $4,575

Gas                        $26,848

Bait, Gear Etc     $32,725

Casino & Liquor $10,407

These are some incredible numbers, remember this includes pre fishing and the tournament weekend.  It does not however include the money the families who follow their fisherman to the area spend.




Congratulations to the 2016 LLWT Champions Kelly Curb and Jim Sutton of Bemdiji.  Outstanding job of winning in back to back years!

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