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Tips for a Safe & Healthy Summer on Leech Lake

While COVID-19 has forced us to cancel many of our summer celebrations and festivities, we still plan on summer fun! Our recent Fourth of July fireworks was just one example. We know that summertime is the best time in Walker. We also know you might be concerned about the health and safety of your family at this time. So, we’ve prepared a list of tips to keep you and your loved ones safe while still enjoying summer!

— Keep Your (Social) Distance

We’ve all grown accustomed to staying six feet apart from each other while running errands. However, when we’re outdoors, it can feel like those rules and guidelines no longer apply. After all, the open air must be safer than an enclosed space, right? While it’s true that gathering outdoors does carry less risk than an indoor party, it’s important to continue to observe social distancing guidelines. This is particularly true in the case of large outdoor gatherings.

— Plan Your Errand in Advance

Along the lines of the previous tip, the best way to stay safe & healthy during your summer fun is to avoid large crowds. One great way to accomplish this is to think about places and attractions you might like to visit. When might those places not be so busy? Smart scheduling can allow you to enjoy your favorite destinations — and our favorite Chamber members — without worrying about your health and safety.

It’s also helpful to limit “pit stops” throughout the day. When headed on an outing, pack a bag of snacks and a cooler of your favorite beverages beforehand. Make sure you bring all of the supplies you might need — creating a checklist is helpful! Better preparation means less need to make stops along the way. Even as you plan ahead and avoid crowds, remember to shop local in Walker for the supplies and snacks you’re pre-packing!

— Don’t Forget Your Face Mask

Even as you do your best to promote the health and safety of yourself and those around you, you may still find yourself in relatively close contact with others. For this reason, we suggest you continue to wear a face mask, even when you’re outdoors, and especially in areas of a large group. You and your family can even create your own summer-themed face masks! Here’s a link to an online guide for this “DIY” project:

— Careful Cleanup

Remember: Your good health & safety practices should not end when your fun in the sun winds down. You (and your belongings) may have come in contact with germs, viruses and bacteria. If possible, wipe down your supplies with sanitizing wipes before loading it into your vehicle. When you arrive home, carefully wash your hands under hot water for 20 seconds, and toss your clothes into the laundry as soon as possible.

We hope these tips help you make the most of your summer while staying safe!

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