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Thrivent can help you Donate to the Walker Public Library

Funds can be dedicated to the new library

By Joe Sherman and Kathi Cadmus


If you are a member of Thrivent, there are several ways you can financially help in the new Dale and Harriet Jones Walker Public Library with no expense to you.

Simply go to your Thrivent account, click on My Thrivent, then click on Membership Overview. There you will find the details of giving opportunities. Two of the programs Thrivent offers include:

Thrivent Direct Choice®

Make a financial impact by making a personal donation or directing Thrivent Choice Dollars® to the causes and nonprofits you care about. Through Thrivent Choice®, our clients with membership can contribute to organizations and causes they care about—and influence how Thrivent distributes some of its charitable grant funding through Choice Dollars®. This contribution is from Thrivent and does not come from your funds, you simply designate the funds.

You can make a personal donation to your favorite enrolled organization—Thrivent pays the processing fees.* Eligible clients with membership can also direct Choice Dollars or nominate an organization to be a part of the program.

Through Thrivent Choice, more than $520 million has been distributed to churches and nonprofits nationwide.

2022 Choice Dollars must be directed by Mar 31, 2023.

Your selection could then be for the: Friends of the Walker Public Library, New Library Project, 100 Highland Ave., Walker, MN 56484. If you have any questions please call Kathi Cadmus, President of the Friends of the Walker Public Library 218 547-6444.

Action Teams


Support an unmet need in your community, such as the new library. Apply to lead a volunteer team in a fundraiser, service activity or educational event and access tools and resources to mobilize your passion. These can be small and simple actions by you and your family. Applying for and reporting on Thrivent Action Teams requires logging into your member account. Do not proceed with this action unless you are the Thrivent member applying to lead or report on an Action Team. The directed funds can assist in the expenses associated with the activity such as copy paper, US Postal stamps, posters, and miscellaneous office expenses. These dollars will not go toward the construction of the new library but will assist in facilitating it.


If you submit an Action Team application on or before December 31, 2022, your kit will include the new Live Generously shirt: Heart of Service. Applications that are submitted in 2022 count towards 2022 eligibility.




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