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Snowmobile Trails Report – January 7, 2023

Thank you to Lakes Area Powersports, Walker, MN for this update.
Walker area: The Heartland Trail, Chippewa Trail and Paul Bunyan Trail were groomed on Monday. Snoway 1 is being groomed on Wednesday and the groomers are hoping to finish the Soo Line by the weekend. Until then, Soo Line is cautionary – they are working on it as quick as they can but there is significant downage that needs heavy equipment to remove debris from the trail system.
Nevis area: The Heartland Trail was groomed on Monday night. As for the Paul Bunyan Forest Trails, Steamboat Forest Road and south are being groomed on Tuesday, with the exception of Wilder East. It’s been mostly cleared and close for grooming. Wilder South to Huntersville will be groomed on Wednesday night. The last three miles may not be groomed as they have not finished clearing that area. Everything north of Steamboat should be passable with a sled but has not been cleared – they are working on that this week. Karl will verify that area later this week before sending the groomer out that direction.
Backus area: The group didn’t get as far as they had hoped clearing trails today. Snoway 1 from Hwy 87 N to Cty 40 is ready for the groomer. Five guys working for four hours. Another group is out checking on Snoway 1 south of Snowsnake to prepare for Wednesday grooming of Snowsnake and Snoway 1 .
The Paul Bunyan was groomed 1/2 from Cty 25 to Cty 40.
The Aspen is still in need of clearing. Currently, it’s passable but extremely rough. It is scheduled for grooming on Thursday. Hoping to reach Cty 48 near Blind Lake. East of the power line (mile marker 15 and east) is where there is significant clearing needed. If you are looking to help, this is where we need it.
Longville area: Just a quick update on trail conditions. As of today, the Longville area trail system is fully operational. There may be a few small problem spots but the club will deal with them as the season progresses. When they first started this task of clearing the trails, it seemed like an impossible task, but with dedicated members and many non-members along with the two contractors, Lott Excavating and Dylan Daudt, the work got it done in record time. Thanks to everyone involved!
Current status:
Chippewa West, Chippewa South, Lost Girl and Triville have all been groomed at least once.
Wood Lake is scheduled to be groomed for the first time on Tuesday. They finished clearing Wood Lake yesterday, it is rideable but is quite rough. If you need to get to Remer to the east or south to Emily/Outing, it is full width and good to go. This week they will be starting their full normal grooming schedule.
Monday & Thursday: Chip West and Lost Girl
Tuesday & Friday: Chip South and Wood Lake
Wednesday: Triville
NOTE: Use caution when travelling Chip West…….there is a logging operation using the trail and there is a long section with a LOT of exposed dirt. We are unsure how long this will last, but be patient. It may not seem like it, but loggers are our friends. In this part of the state, we would not have the extensive trail system that we sometimes take for granted, without the help of the loggers. Many of our trails were created by the logging industry.
Remer area:
UPDATE: Just a quick update on our trails: Remer to Boy River is open now with a big thanks to our Boy River crew Danny and Mac running saws; and Lee Chamber with LL Construction running the skid. Made a lot of progress fast, a little more brushing and hopefully, we can groom that stretch tomorrow. Snowmobilers – if you can move any brush that is still on trail, that would be awesome. Hill City trail still needs some clearing north of HWY 200, then we can groom. Then, on to Thunder Lake Trail – any help would be appreciated. If you see brush on the trails, please stop and throw it off. We are all volunteers with the same goal in mind.
Anyone that has a snowmobile and a chainsaw could you please help out the snowmobile club between Boy River and Remer for sure!
If you want to get involved or find out more information on area clubs, click on their websites.
Longville Lakes Area Snowmobile Club Longville Snowmobile Club
Nevis Trailblazers Snowmobile Club Nevis Trailblazers Snowmobile Club
Ponto Knight Riders Ponto Knight Riders Snowmobile Club
Leech Lake Riders Snowmobile Club (under construction)
Eagle Country Snowmobile Club (this is a private group, you can apply through Facebook)

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