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Outright Angling- Leech Lake Fishing Report for June 26th 2017

As the shiner minnows and perch scatter, fishflies, and mayflies hatch, crayfish molt from their hard shells etc., walleyes really do have a buffet of food options now. Walleyes are definitely doing different things about the lake.

We are catching walleyes on slip-bobber/leech combos in 6-foot-tall cabbage weeds, Jigging Rapalas in sand patches, pitching light jigs and shiner minnows in shallow pencil reeds, and trolling crankbaits on leadcore line in 25 feet of water.

Most days, you have to let the fish tell you what they want. Often it does pay to “match-the-hatch”, on other outings we present a lure or bait that stands out from the multitude of protein options that we are competing against. Whatever the approach, it’s a beautiful lake full of beautiful fish, and figuring out how to trick them sure is a lot of fun.

Cheers and hook-sets,

Captain Phil Bauerly- Leech Lake

Outright angles June

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