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Member of the week: Walker Super One

Miner’s Inc. based out of Hermantown, MN, purchased the Walker location In July of 2006 and the store has been operating under Super One Foods since.  Miner’s currently owns 30 grocery stores, 8 liquor stores, and a distribution center in Duluth, MN.  The stores are scattered throughout northern Minnesota, Wisconsin and the U.P. of Michigan. 

Walker Super One employs about 70 employees during the 8 off season months and it increases to about 105 during the summer.  Many of these employees have been at the store for years and have been able to witness the seasonal transition every year.  Despite the small size, Super One offers a very large variety of products, trying to accommodate their customer’s needs.  Because of the ever-changing shopping and eating habits, the store is constantly bringing in different products that are requested by customers every day.  If it’s available to buy wholesale, they’ll bring it in for retail. 

Super One has a full-service deli and bakery with the bakery baked fresh every night.  They have butchers on site to cut anything the customers ask for.  The produce department is always fresh and receives deliveries 7 days a week to ensure freshness and quality.  Miner’s has always focused on offering the best products at the lowest prices possible.  Because of this, the pricing is the same in their larger metro stores as it is in their smaller rural stores. 

It is very important for businesses to support their community.  Walker Super One is willing to help support every non-profit group, organization, team, fundraiser, benefit, or event that they can.  This town is unique in that it is very tourist driven.  Even though they rely on tourism for a portion of their sales, it is the local community members that keep the business going, so in turn, Super One will always support nearby communities. 

Walker Super One has outgrown their current building and is excited to provide a new grocery store to Walker and the surrounding communities in the near future.  The project has been in place for some time and hopefully it will become a reality for the deserving customers.  Super One would like to thank every customer for their patronage and those many community members that have offered support in any way.  On behalf of everybody with Walker Super One Foods and Miner’s Inc., WE THANK YOU!


The Leech Lake Area Chamber of Commerce presents Walker Super One as the Member of The Week! Each week a new business will be featured as a “thank you” for being a part of our membership. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Leech Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, please give us a call at 218-547-1313 and we will be happy to give you some more information!

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