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Leech Lake Walleye Tournament 2024 Results

2024 Leech Lake Walleye Tournament Results

1st Place              Justin Mckee & Mike Mckee                                     54.70 lbs.

2nd Place           Zachary Christianson & Toby Kvalvog                  53.98

3rd Place            Nick & Gretta Cekalla                                                52.76

4th Place              Mark Hightower & Mogan Salo                               52.63

5th Place              Kyle Minke & Cory Minke                                           51.38

6th Place              Kaden Hudak & Duane Hjelm                                 49.95

7th Place            Caleb Garoutte & Joe Anderson                             48.90

8th Place              Mitch & Samantha Hackemueller                          47.53

9th Place            Kelly Juelson & Micheal Juelson                             47.08

10th Place          Matt Eilertson & Deron Eilertson                            46.16

11th Place          Mitch Weber & Marlin Weber                                   45.73

12rh Place         Nathan Ott & Chaz Dubias                                       44.56

13th Place          Dan Ryan & Matt Holmgren                                     44.48

14th Place          Austin Michaud & Brad Mischaud                         44.29

15th Place          Brad Dirkman & Mike Dirkman                                43.97

16th Place          Donald Kehne – Adam Kopacek                             43.64

17th Place           Matt Weber & Jordan Backhouse                           43.20

18th Place           Corey Jahn & Dayton Jahn                                        42.66

19th Place          Mike Straus & Jared Hart                                          41.90

20th Place          Troy & Mark Adams                                                     41.22


Overall Day One (Big Basket)    Mark Hightower & Morgan Salo               27.99   (Reeds Outdoor Outfitters & Lews Fishing)

Overall Day Two (Big Basket)     Justin McKee & Mike McKee                      28.91(Reeds Outdoor Outfitters & Lews Fishing)

Comeback Award                          Keith Lindenfelser & Girard Reinking     Moved                101 teams up.

Male/Female                                   Nick & Gretta Cekalla                                 52.76 (Reeds Outdoor Outfitters & Lews Fishing)

Female/Female                              Jackie Nieland/Sophie Landerville         9.54 (Reed Outdoor Outfitters and Lews Fishing)

Adult/ Youth                                    Tony Freeman & Emilee Freeman           32.02

Big Fish Day one                            Nick & Gretta Cekalla                                 29.25

Big Fish Day two                            Nick & Gretta Cekalla                                 30.25

50th Overall                                      Greg Harberts & Chris Anderson            31,71

75th Overall                                      Chad Bleeker & Logan Melstrom            25.22


Total Fish for tournament – 1489

82 Fish over 26”


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