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Leech Lake Regatta – 2018

Division 1
RankBoatHelmClassPhrfClubDay 1Day 2Total
1Chili WindMickelson, MarvinTartan 27246SOLLYC2.01.03.0
2Das Boot, jrKoenig, JochenCape Dory Typhoon306BBYRA1.02.03.0
3Lil DragonflyMoyer, PaulPrecision 165286BBYRA3.03.06.0
4Black SwanHauge, RobertTartan 27-2246SOLLYC4.04.08.0
5Miles AwayGoughnour, MarshallPearson 27-2234SOLLYC5.05.010.0


Division 2
RankBoatHelmClassPhrfClubDay 1Day 2Total
1CycloneRuedenberg,RudyShock Santana 2023 A236Wayzata Yacht Club1.01.02.0
2Yellow BirdSeevers, DallasMorgan 222433.02.05.0
3CiaoFider, TomSan Juan 23 CB239LaCrosse2.03.05.0
4Abigail SusanWestra, MaryjaneEricson 32209SOLLYC4.04.08.0
5LyricHull (vs 2)Pellinen. PeteO’Day 28214SOLLYC5.05.010.0


Division 3
RankBoatHelmClassPhrfClubDay 1Day 2Total
1DayDreamerEisenberg, JosephS2 6.9210Wayzata Yacht Club1.02.03.0
2Bella SolMurphy, TonyCatalina 320WK167SOLLYC3.01.04.0
3Get’r WetJohnson, BrentCatalina 32WK170SOLLYC2.03.05.0
4ValkyrieLosinski, PaulCS 30 SD186SOLLYC5.04.09.0
5DenaliParis,Johnlrwin31 191 SD Citation191SOLLYC4.05.09.0
6NaomiFundingsland, LynnTartan, 31172SOLLYC6.06.012.0



Division 4
RankBoatHelmClassPhrfClubDay 1Day 2Total
1Fly2Wilson, ErikJ 70117Pelican Lake YC1.01.02.0
2Sea SchnellHarasyn,DonS2 7.9 IB171SOLLYC3.02.05.0
3four 0 sixBaldwin, MikeCatalina 275192SOLLYC2.03.05.0
4The 7.9Huebsch, MichaelS2 7.9 IB177SOLLYC5.04.09.0
5WhizzardStattine,JoeS2 7.9 IB171SOLLYC4.05.09.0
6On the RailBauerly, DaveTartan 26(Fantail)1736.06.012.0


Division 5
RankBoatHelmClassUSPNClubDay 1Day 2Total
1That’s RightKoos, TylerSupercat1577Pelican Lake YC1.01.02.0
2RoseD’Aioia, MelissaHobie 1675.9Lake Reno2.02.04.0
3Lodermeier, ScottNacra 5.076Fleet 4444.03.07.0
4Wind DependentNicholson,DaveHobie 1676Fleet 4443.04.07.0
5AmbianceStrandlie, BenC-Scow79.1Benedict Lake YC5.05.010.0


Division 6
RankBoatHelmClassUSPNClubDay 1Day 2Total
1Stray Cat StrutBlanchard,RebHobie18 sx w/spin71.3Fleet4441.01.02.0
2No NameFurr, StanPrindle18-269.1Pelican Lake YC2.02.04.0
3Hang 10Lindell,SteveNacra 5.567Minnetonka YC4.03.07.0
4Miracle 20Lindell, ScottMiracle 2065Fleet 4445.04.09.0
5Nasty Habit IIGmach MatthewHobie 1871.4Fleet 4443.07.0 DNS10.0
6Ship- FacedEliason, JohnNacra5.272.1La Crosse Sailing Club7.0 DNS7.0 DNS14.0



Division 7
RankBoatHelmClassUSPNClubDay 1Day 2Total
1ZoomWood, RobCorsair F3165.4SOLLYC1.01.02.0
2Gone PostalSprouls, DanCorsair 24 MKII74. 3Pelican Lake YC2.02.04.0
3BlastSchultz, NormCorsair F-2770.5SOLLYC3.03.06.0
4No NameZimmerman, JonCorsair24 MK I76.1Walker Bay4.04.08.0

LLR47 Special Award Winners





Benson’s “Splice the Main Brace” – Crew that had the most fun on shore:

Lindell family


Coast Guard Auxiliary Lighthouse Safety Award:

Shores of Leech Lake


Kelsey’s Yachtswoman of the Year:

Diane Baardson


Loomis Award – given to the first-year entrant with the best corrected time:

Zoom, Rob Wood


Outdoorsman Café “Steadfast Sailor Award” – Crew exemplifying sailing spirit in the face of adversity:

Ship-Faced, John Eliason


Ringle “Family Togetherness Award” – Crew best exemplifying family togetherness:

Pellinen family


Shores of Leech Lake Cup – given to the club with the three highest place winners in Fleet standings:

Fleet 444


Trimble “Sportsmanship Award” – Crew best exemplifying sportsmanship:

Get’R Wet, Brent Johnson


Yachtsman of the Year:

Steve Baardson

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