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Lakes Area Powersports updated Trails Report – January 16, 2023

A HUGE shout out to everyone who has worked so diligently to get our area trail systems back up and fully operational. This is a large undertaking and our trails don’t operate without these incredible volunteers.
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Walker area: Chippewa Trail, Snoway 1, Paul Bunyan cutacross, Heartland and Paul Bunyan to Hackensack will be done this morning and again Sunday morning. The Heartland to Cass Lake and the Soo Line will be done on Monday.
NOTE: Soo Line Trail from Pike Bay Creek to Pike Bay Loop Road is down to dirt for approximately a two mile loop – please use caution in this area.
Nevis area: Warm temps and excessive traffic this weekend took its toll on area trail systems. Karl finished clearing the remaining areas that hadn’t been done. The trails will all be groomed this week. However…….Beaver Lake Trail will not be as wide as normal this winter.
Monday/Monday evening – Paul Bunyan Forest west side, Heartland west
Tuesday/Tuesday evening – Heartland east, Paul Bunyan Forest, Wilder south
Backus area: Aspen Trail has been groomed from 371 east to mile marker 16 (in the area of the power lines), including the Long Pine Spur. Looking to schedule trail clearing on the Aspen for next Monday. Tentatively planning on meeting at the Ponto Lake township hall, just west of the Long Pine. Anyone wishing to trailer their sled, can park there. Planning on leaving the parking lot at 8:30am.
Longville area: Just a quick update on trail conditions. As of today, the Longville area trail system is fully operational. There may be a few small problem spots but the club will deal with them as the season progresses. When they first started this task of clearing the trails, it seemed like an impossible task, but with dedicated members and many non-members along with the two contractors, Lott Excavating and Dylan Daudt, the work got it done in record time. Thanks to everyone involved!
Current status:
Chippewa West, Chippewa South, Lost Girl and Triville have all been groomed at least once.
Wood Lake is scheduled to be groomed for the first time on Tuesday. They finished clearing Wood Lake yesterday, it is rideable but is quite rough. If you need to get to Remer to the east or south to Emily/Outing, it is full width and good to go. This week they will be starting their full normal grooming schedule.
Monday & Thursday: Chip West and Lost Girl
Tuesday & Friday: Chip South and Wood Lake
Wednesday: Triville
NOTE: Use caution when travelling Chip West…….there is a logging operation using the trail and there is a long section with a LOT of exposed dirt. We are unsure how long this will last, but be patient. It may not seem like it, but loggers are our friends. In this part of the state, we would not have the extensive trail system that we sometimes take for granted, without the help of the loggers. Many of our trails were created by the logging industry.
Remer area: This week, the club was able to work on the Winnie West Trail, north off the Soo Line past the big fish to Beckers Resort on Winnie. Thanks to Kody, Danny, Drew, and Kevin that trail is now open and trees removed; still needs some brushing and grooming, but able travel. They should be able to get that done this week. The Winnie East Trail north to the Winnie Dam is now cleared and groomed – thanks Billy and Robert. These trails still have some small brush sticking out here and there – use caution! If you see some of this, feel free to break it off and throw it off the trail. These trails were all cleared by volunteers – if you see some of them out and about thank them for their hard work……….it goes a long way. Thank you to everyone who helped. Let it snow!!
If you want to get involved or find out more information on area clubs, check out their FB pages or visit their websites.
Longville Lakes Area Snowmobile Club
Nevis Trailblazers Snowmobile Club
Ponto Knight Riders Snowmobile Club
Leech Lake Riders Snowmobile Club (under construction)
Eagle Country Snowmobile Club (this is a private group, you can apply through Facebook)
As I get more information from area groomers, I will be updating on our website as well as our Facebook page.

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