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Ice Conditions on Leech Lake: Trapper’s Landing Lodge

Leech Lake South Shore Conditions Report 02.27.19

Unfortunately, Ice and Snow conditions on the south end of Leech Lake have made all travel unsafe. Slush varies from 6”-24” throughout the area. Additionally, snow levels are 20”-30” deep. New cracks are frequently forming and flooding water onto the ice, probably due to the extreme weight of the snowpack. No travel is advised, of any kind. If fishermen do attempt to fish, only UTV Track Machines and snowmobiles may be able to move, but expect them to sink into the deep snow and become stuck. Unfortunately, rescue is only available from law enforcement or public services.

While we’d like to have everyone enjoying ice fishing this time of year, conditions require that Trapper’s Landing Access is closed for the season to all types of vehicles. Thank you for a great ice season and remember to book next year’s ice rentals now, while some are still available.

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