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Before Heading Out to Chippewa Forest – A Buyer’s Guide to the Best Handheld GPS – Contribution from freelance writer: Sally Writes

Before Heading Out to Chippewa Forest – A Buyer’s Guide to the Best Handheld GPS

Imagine traversing the trails of the Chippewa Forest only to go down an unmarked route. The wind picks up, storm clouds blow in and you need to find your way out quickly. Out come the maps and charts and you’re trying to find your way back. The odds are not in your favor as you don’t know where to start to begin with, and the combination of water and paper turn your maps into a soft sludgy mess. Considering the number of people who go missing on public lands, it’s time to invest in man’s new best friend: the handheld GPS. This is a roundup of the favorites out there.

Rino 750 by Garmin

This is the pick of the litter and it’s because of a neat little feature called two-way radio. Although the two-way radio is not a new invention, it is a rare find in a handheld GPS. It has an impressive range that comes in handy when the trails go a little foggy. As for the GPS side of things, the device has a 3” inch screen that makes it a little easier to focus on, even in direct sunlight. Slightly more expensive than competitors, the additional cost is worth the extra functionality of radio.

Oregon 650t GPS by Garmin

Garmin brings it to the party again with this model, which happens to be impact resistant. Furthermore, users can operate the device with gloved hands which make it a great companion for colder climates. The device features GLONASS and GPS positioning to be on the safe side, as well as a three-axis compass and a barometric altimeter. The feature that does attract quite a bit of attention, however, is the 8MP camera which offers an automatic landscape or portrait feature. The autofocus, zoom and LED flash make it easier to allow consumers to find their way back on track.

DeLorme InReach SE

The ideal choice for those participating in search and rescue operations as it allows the user to send out an SOS. Users can also track their trips to determine whether they are on the right track or to find their way back to the original location.

Outdoor journeys are always more pleasurable when you have the right equipment. Head out to the trails and create memories in a responsible way and remember to leave details with a friend or relative before embarking on an extended outdoor journey.

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