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Great Pumpkin is Found
Friday morning, four intrepid pumpkin hunters found success! Siblings Trevor (11), Trenton (9) and Lucy (7), along with pal Josie (11) found The Great Pumpkin along the fence at Evergreen Cemetery. Josie’s brother Mack actually had the idea to search at the cemetery but he decided to go hunting instead.
The crew has won the BIG prize package from the Great Pumpkin sponsors: 95.5 KZY, the Leech Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, Orton’s Y-Mart & Y-Bait, Loney’s Sales & Service, and Orton’s Cenex Downtown.
CLUE #1:
The Great Pumpkin has returned to the City On The Bay. He’s happy to be here for his peaceful stay. The quest is on to find the spot. And if you see the Northern Lights, you’re not getting hot (Cemetery is on the other end of town).
CLUE #2:
The Great Pumpkin is back in Walker. He’s a nice enough guy, but not much of a talker. When searching for a place to stay, he decided he didn’t want to be on the Main Way (Cemetery is off 371 on Evergreen Cemetery Road).
CLUE #3:
Walker is on the shores of Leech you bet…but unless it rains, the Great Pumpkin probably won’t get wet. The gourd has eyes but not a mouth…and if you want to find the pumpkin, consider turning south (Evergreen Cemetery Road turns south off 371).
CLUE #4:
If you find the Great Pumpkin, you’ll win lots of treats, but just remember, he’s not at the end of the street (Evergreen Road is a dead end). And if you find him, all will be swell…but you might be reminded of that old song by Rockwell (The song is “Somebody’s Watching Me”. Signs at the cemetery warn that there is video surveillance).
CLUE #5:
You need to unravel the clues so they make sense. Then you can start searching and get off the fence. But hurry, with school not in session many are on a quest to find the place where the pumpkin decided to rest.

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