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Fishing Reports for the week of: May 29

Dick’s Guide Service –

Last week we saw the water temps go from the mid to upper 50’s to the upper 60’s and even some 70’s in some of the shallow bays.  While some of the walleyes have moved off shore, others are still in the shallows especially in the evening or during the day with a good wind.  A nice mixture of eaters (15-19) smaller (10-14) and slot fish (20-26) made for some good memorial weekend walleye fishing.  For those that just wanted action there was plenty of that.  A mixed bag of perch, northern, rock bass along with a walleye or two had smiles on a lot of peoples faces.  The mixed bag was in many of the shallow spring walleye spots including, The Narrows, Joe’s Landing, Star, 2nd Duck and in Agency Bay.  Shinners are still the bait of choice and probably will be through this weekend.  The leach bite has picked up and as always crawlers are affective for those that know how to fish them.  For those proficient at fishing the weeds you will be rewarded for your efforts in both  Sucker and Portage Bays.  Don’t forget to check out the weigh ins for this weekends walleye tourney.

Leisure Outdoor Adventures – Jason Freed

Leech Lake

Leech Lake last week proved to have its up and downs and the weather has seemed to play a major role in that.  The days it is flat calm and high skies can make for some difficult fishing but being willing to adapt will help an angler out.  On Leech this past week, the Leech Lake walleyes were busy chasing shiners in 6-9 feet of water on many locations, getting them to bite wasn’t always the easiest.  Jigs and shiners still produced. Try looking up the Arrowhead Tackle line up of  jigs.  Color has seem to make a difference when it is bright and sunny versus clouds and wind.  So make sure you have different colors tied on and see what they want. It changes by the day.  Lindy Rigs with Leeches, Shiners, and even crawlers are also starting to produce fish. As some bug hatches start, crawlers and leeches will continue to improve.  We also found luck fishing sand and gravel along 10-14 ft breaklines.

Look to areas around West Goose Flats, Duck Points, Traders Bay, and on the East side of the lake when the wind is blowing don’t forget about those wind blown points such as Five Mile, Sugar, and Battle points.  There are also still fish being caught around Bear Island.

Crappie fishing was fantastic for many anglers this past weekend as well.  The panfish are just moving into the shallows and making their beds. Be sure to use selective harvest and put some of those larger females back.  But this can be some fast and furious action and great for the kids. A float with either a 1/16th or 1/32oz jig and plastic, tube, or a lively crappie minnow will do the trick.  Be sure to use your eyes in the shallows because at times you can see them on those bright sunny days.


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