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Fishing Reports for week of June 10, 2019

Outright Angling – Leech Lake Fishing Report for June 10th 2019

June is such a great month for Leech Lake fishing, the bite has been even better since my last report. Bent rods, high-fives and smiles from one end of the lake to the other, all species are on the chew. 


Walleyes have been the main target, with great fish coming topside on nearly every outing. A jig-and-minnow has accounted for the most bites, but the fish are starting to show a preference for leeches and night crawlers as the water warms.  I predict that a live bait rig with a leech will be a solid bet over the next few weeks. 6-14 feet of water has been most productive depths to fish lately. Trolling shallow crankbaits at night in 8-10 feet of water has been a hot tactic too for those who don’t mind loosing a bit of sleep, this bite should continue for a while. 


Muskies will be the target for some this week, we have already put a couple dandies in the boat without much effort. Either casting very shallow weedy bays, or trolling over the basin can be productive tactics during the month of June for muskellunge. Casting the classic “summer spots” will really start to shine later in July for these beasts. I’m really looking forward to this! 


Cheers and hook-sets,

Capt. Phil Bauerly 

Steve Nosbisch Guide Service

Walleyes continue to be caught all around Leech Lake. As the fish continue to transition into their summer hang outs stay mobile to stay On fish. It seems that when the wind is blowing onto shoreline points or mail lake reefs the walleyes are there and hungry. Drifting a jig and minnow is best when targeting these actively feeding walleyes. When the wind is less and drifting is not an option, utilizing an electric trolling motor, and working break lines near main lake reefs and shoreline points at 0.4-0.7 MPH has been productive. This is a great time to utilize a live bait rig. A 4’-6’ snell tipped with a night crawler, Leech, or minnow is a great way to trigger those finicky neutral walleyes.

The Smallmouth bass fishing is really taking off on some of the smaller lakes around Leech Lake. Working a moving bait such as a jerk bait on rock reefs and flats is a great way to find fish. Once fish are located slowing down and working the area with a tube jig is producing good numbers.


Leisure Outdoor Adventure

Our team was busy this past week on Leech Lake and Lake Mille Lacs.  Fishing has been very good for walleyes and now is a great time to be on both lakes.  Lets see what the reports were

Leech Lake

Our team of Leech Lake Fishing Guides had a great week this past week with our customers.  We found active walleyes in any depth range from 6-25 feet of water. Which can be intimidating to think about but alot has to do with the structure they are holding on.  Often times active fish are being found early in the morning and evenings somewhere more shallow. These fish are still being caught on jigs and minnows, jigs and leeches, slip bobbers and lindy rigs.  Everyday seems to be a different day so this time of year you gotta have everything with you in the boat. During the mid day spinners are starting to produce along rock edges and sand flats in 8-15 feet of water.  Also some fish are showing up on the mid lake structures in 18-25 feet of water. Trying working these fish over with 1/4oz jigs or lindy rigs.

West Side of the lake look to places such as the Snake Pits, West Goose Flats, Stoney Point, Little Stony, and Traders Bay to start your hunt.  On the East Side of the Lake, once again the areas around Pelican Island, Bear, Five Mile, and Portage Bay as key areas this time of year. Like any report, wind plays a major factor so use it to your advantage, especially if it blows from the same direction more than one day in a row.

Muskies have been showing up occasionally.  This time of year trolling for them is a great way to find them as well as working over weed beds.

Panfish are still active in the weeds and are starting to pull off their beds and work themselves out onto the adjacent weeds flats.  Jigs tipped with leeches, minnows, chunk of crawler or plastics are great go to as well as slow trolling a beetle spin over or through weed beds.

Jason Freed

President of Leisure Outdoor Adventures




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