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Fishing Reports for the week of July 8th, 2019

Steve Nosbisch Fishing Guide

The walleye fishing on Leech Lake has been both up and down this past week. The good days have been really good with a nice mix of keepers and big fish being caught in the same areas. The areas and techniques are very similar to

last week. The bug hatch is still underway, so a spinner rig and a crawler at 1.0-1.5 MPH or a Lindy rig and a crawler or leech at 0.4-0.7 MPH are great options. As usual this time of year the fish are beginning to slide out over softer bottom areas close to rocky transitions. They are constantly moving around these areas, so don’t be afraid to move around until you find them. The east side of Pelican Island, Stoney Point, and Annex reef are good places to start your search.

The multi species fishing on Leech Lake and surrounding lakes is really good right now. The shallow weedy areas are holding a lot of life right now. Lots of largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and northern pike are being caught. Casting spinnerbaits or jerk baits around these areas areas in 3’-6’ of water is a safe bet. Panfish can be found in and around the weedy bays as well. A slip bobber and a leech or worm in 3’-12’ of water are sure to produce plenty of action for all.

Muskie fishing is just starting to take off for those chasing them. Small bucktails retrieved quickly over the cabbage weeds are turning a few of the active fish from lookers into biters. Jerk baits or glide baits are also producing a few fish as well.


Leisure Outdoor Adventures Guide

Well things have definitely changed on Leech Lake in the past seven days and it has created some tough bites some days.  We are still locating fish, but as in years past this is the time of year you will catch one, two, or a few out of a school and then have to stick and move.  The lake currently has a large abundance of bait in the lake from mayflies, crayfish, young of the year perch, etc which is creating a challenge at times for the bite.  When thinking about fishing this time of year you need to have a two step approach, reaction and putting a bait in front of the fish and keeping it there as long as you can.


The reaction style would be utilizing spinners and bottom bouncers, jigging raps, shiver minnows, crankbaits and other aggressive style presentations to provoke bites.  Slowing down would be the classic lindy rig with a crawler, leech, or big minnow or a slip bobber and jig.


Right now best fishing in focusing on long breaklines in 12-20 feet of water many days especially if wind is blowing into it.  Walker Bay, Agency Bay, and those long breaklines on the main lake are all good places to start. Some of the main lake rock reefs and bars are still kicking out fish in 15-18 feet of water.  Try working these areas over with spinners, crankbaits, or lindy rigs. Slip bobbers on a windy day are another great tactic.


Musky fishing should really start to pick up and fish get more active on the main lake rocks and bars.  Casting bucktails, top waters, aggressive jerk baits and other fast move baits can all be effective ways to locate active muskies.


Bluegills and crappies are showing up in emergent weed beds in 8-12 feet of water pitching a jig or under a slip bobber.


Local lakes in the areas are pumping out great multi species action right now along weedlines in 14-18 feet of water.  Working these areas over with live bait rigs, jigs with a crawler, bottom bouncers and spinners or if you enjoy casting throw plastics, swim baits, etc.  This is a great time to give these lakes a try in the Walker, Hackensack, and Longville areas.


Until next week

Tight Lights

Leisure Outdoor Adventures Guide Team

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