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Fishing Report for the week of July 9, 2018

Dick’s Guide Service

Just over 4 weeks out from bypass surgery I was able to get back on the water a bit the last 5 days.  Obviously that was the reason for the gap in reports.  A lot has changed in the past 4 weeks.  We did have a couple of very good weeks the end of June.  As we transition into the time of the year with the highest natural food supply in the lake you need to adjust a bit.  Number 1 for walleyes: be mobile.  There will be feeding walleyes in the school just less of them at anytime.  You are more likely to get a couple and then have to move on. Number 2: slow down.  Rigging with leeches and crawlers can entice a non aggressive to feed as they still struggle to pass up an easy meal.  During low light conditions speed up and cover water looking for aggressive fish.  I prefer to match the hatch with crank baits and that means crayfish and perch.  Remember they call it fishing not catching.  Enjoy your day on the water and be aware of what is going on and learn.  My favorite marinade is/was (high in sodium) Lawry’s Santa Fe Chili.  From there either in foil on the grill or breaded and deep fried.  Pair with some local wild rice and asparagus.


Leisure Outdoor Adventures

Leech Lake has been a tough nut to crack the last 7-10 days. As much as we want it to happen, we dont always catch limits or “smack em” each day. Storms, food sources and transitioning is affecting the bite right now. Mayflies, Crayfish, young of the year perch are all being consumed on a regular basis by fish making our presentations look less than spectacular. However, given the circumstances, we never give up as fishing guides and can assure you these are the times we end up working the hardest to still make the experience the best we possibly can! So here are some tips for what is working this time of year.


Be sure to focus on the feeding windows in the early AM and evening hours.  Try using slip bobbers and leeches in 10-15 feet of water along weed edges, rocky/windblown points, and the edges of main lake reefs.  Lindy rigs with a half of a crawler or minnow has been producing some fish during the day hours in 20-28 feet of water along shoreline breaks, humps, or underwater points.  Covering ground with spinners or crankbaits along flats, windblow shorelines or breaklines, and the edges of reefs are also good tactics to use this time of year.  Try using a #5 or #7 Shad Rap or Flicker Shad and upsizing the size of your spinner blade to create more of a reaction bite.

On the local lakes, there is good bass fishing on weed edges and transition areas in 15-18 feet of water.  Try drop shotting with a plastic or even a lively leech, using a ned rig or casting crankbaits to focus on these smallmouth and largemouth.  Some local lakes are kicking out walleyes but like Leech the mornings and evenings are best and they are typically going to be weedline fish or relate to major bars or reefs on the lake.

Have a great week

Leisure Outdoor Adventures Guide Team

–Jason Freed

President of Leisure Outdoor Adventures



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