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Fishing Report for week of January 3, 2021

Leech Lake Fish House Rental – 218-820-3640

Happy New Year. Here’s your latest fishing and ice report from Leech Lake Fish House Rentals.

Ice conditions remain relatively the same as temperatures have remained steady through the week. Most of the main lake has a consistent 11-14 inches of ice with a snow cover of around 3 to 4 inches.  As of now, the only vehicle traffic that is being allowed is out of Andersons Pine Point Resort.

Walker Bay Ice conditions are currently sitting at 8-10 inches in the sand point area, as well as the south end shoreline breaks. The rest of the bay mostly consists of 6-9 inches of ice.  Use caution and check ice as you go as thickness has varied in many areas. Atv or foot traffic only is recommended at this time.

Fishing remains very consistent throughout the lake.  For Walker Bay, try Sand Point during the day in 10-12ft for Perch and Walleye.  Glow spoons in green or orange remained the best colors this week.  A shiner or rainbow on a set line was also a solid producer.  There has also been a consistent Walleye bite right out of City Park and also the Cedar Point area for Walleyes in the morning and evening hours in 18 – 25 ft.

For the main lake, try the Grand View flats area out of Andersons Pine Point Resort for a consistent daytime perch bite, including a morning and evening bite for Walleyes in 12-14 ft.  Set lines or tip ups are currently outproducing actively jigging.  Rainbow chubs and Golden Shiners have been top producers.  Stoney Point and Horseshoe Bay areas have also been producing walleyes mainly during the evening and overnight hours.  Limited reports out of Portage Bay have shown a decent bite for Perch and Walleyes in the Battle and Sugar Point areas.

Panfishing reports have been limited, look to some of the smaller lakes in the immediate area for better results for Crappies and Bluegills.

If you are looking for a sleeper or day house, Leech Lake Fish House Rentals still has limited availability the rest of this winter. Give us a call at 218-820-3640.  We can accommodate groups of all sizes.


Shrivers Bait/Fish House Rentals


Ice conditions are getting better but with this warmer weather the making of ice is not happening! In Walker bay there is 8.5 to 9 inches with 10 in certain areas. Atv and snowmobile i would still recommend for this next week. The main portion of the lake has little more ice. 12 to 13 inches in most areas! Check with the resorts that cater to getting on the lake to know if allowing vehicle travel! Fishing has been on a roller coaster! Nice fish have been caught in all areas if lake! Walleyes are most peoples target but leech lake has nice numbers of jumbo perch. Might have to sort thru the small ones but great action! Northens have been active using tip ups! Low light conditions seem to be best for walleyes!

Let’s hope for more ice and less on the snow this week! Thank you…Jack at Shrivers bait


Shores of Leech Lake
Mitch & Mara Loomis
6166 Morriss Point
Walker MN 56484

Customers just left who did well catching nice-sized perch, and small walleyes, using Fathead Minnows, on the North Walker Bay Flats.
They went out on ATVs.  There are a few cars driving out from Ericksen Landing, but most are parking at the landing and going out by ATV or snowmobile.



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