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Fishing Report for Week of August 7th, 2017

Outright Angling- Leech Lake Fishing Report for August 7 2017


The walleye bite has been inconsistent to say the least. The recent post-frontal sunny/calm days made for a tough bite, but some walleyes were caught early morning and late evening on jig/leech combos and slip bobbers. Rigging nightcrawlers a little deeper has worked some days as well. The bite remains strong on cloudy days with a little wind, as we saw 20-30 fish mornings ahead of last weeks cold-fronts. Trolling crankbaits in 14-15 feet of water has also been effective during mid-day for some nice 17″-19″ fish. Chrome patterned #6 Shad Raps or #10 Husky Jerks have been hard to beat in my boat.


Known as “the fish of ten-thousand casts”, we try to do a little better than that. 8″-10″ jerk-baits worked erratically over rocks or weeds has been best for triggering bites. Bucktail spinners have been good for seeing fish, but haven’t been putting too many fish into the net. We are seeing good action later in the day as the water warms-up a bit. The careful handling and quick release of these apex predators is crucial to sustaining a healthy fishery.


August is one of the best months to target Largemouth Bass here on Leech Lake. We are catching nice fish in wild rice, bullrushes, coontail and lillypads. Boy, Sucker and Steamboat bays are good areas to start out for these aggressive fish. 2-5 feet of water has been best.

Smallmouth Bass action has slowed a bit. Smallies are sliding out a bit deeper, and more people are targeting these feisty favorites. Tube-jigs, jerkbaits or deep-diving crankbaits have all been good for these brown bass.

Cheers and hook-sets,

Captain Phil Bauerly- Leech Lake


 Leisure Outdoor Adventures

 Leisure Outdoor AdventuresLeech lake has still remained stable during the recent consistent yet warmer and calm weather.  For walleyes, trolling shad raps during the day and evening in 11-14 feet has been most effective for keepers pulled at 2.2 to 2.8 mph in the areas such as Grand View Flats, Snake Pits and Duck Point areas.  Days where there isn’t much wind try using planer boards to keep your baits out and away from the boat.  Crayfish colored patterns have worked best, but each day is different so experiment with a combo of different colors and patterns.

In the early mornings or late evenings, try pitching a jig and a leech or throwing a slip bobber into areas of weeds, cabbage and / or shallow rock piles.  This seems to be the best tactic that we have seen now, and if fishing the rocks a bonus smallmouth or two is even possible.

Jason Freed

President of Leisure Outdoor Adventures



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