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Fishing Report for week of August 11, 2019

Overall fishing I had been pretty good. It is August, so some ups and downs are to be expected this time of year.

Walleyes continue to be caught on the break lines in Walker Bay. Moving slowly along the break lines with a live bait rig and a leech or crawler during low light hours is a great way to catch them. Pay attention to the wind and fish the wind blown structure. Trolling crankbaits has also been a steady producer this week. 8’-14’ of water near clouds of bait has been producing a few walleyes. The north end of Walker Bay, Stony Point area, and Ottertail Point area are good places to start your search.

The deeper weed lines are still holding a variety of fish. Moving along the weed edge with a jig and minnow is sure to catch a wide variety of fish. With the warmer water and high sun the weeds have a lot of life in them right now. There are a lot of schools of minnows in there and the fish have followed. The weed lines are a great place to pass the time during the middle of the day when the Walleye fishing might be a little slow.

The muskie fishing has been pretty strong this past week. Days with some wind or cloud cover are better then others. Bucktails and swimbaits produces the most action in my boat this week.  With the upcoming full moon I fully expect this week to be a great week to Muskie fish.

Good luck and good fishing!

Captain Steve Nosbisch


August 20, 2019

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