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Fishing Report for Sept 16, 2019

Sept 16th Fishing Report

Well fall is definitely creeping in.  Cooler temps have dropped water temps and the leaves are changing.  Fish are definitely transitioning and it won’t be long and the switch could turn to the fall patterns on Leech.  Some fall spots and tactics are starting to work, such as a jig and minnow but in some other cases the traditional summer patterns such as pulling crawlers or crankbaits are also working.  Best to hit Leech Lake right now with an open mind.

Fish are still relating to weed and sand edges in 15-20 feet of water.  Trying pulling lindy rigs with crawlers, rainbow minnows, or larger redtails and creek chubs.  If this isn’t work pulling crankbaits is another good option to pick these fish off. Working deep water structure such as under water points, humps, and bars in places such as a Walker Bay is another good tactic in finding fish.  24-30 feet of water working larger minnows is a great way to fish these fish. You may just have to put it in front of their face and let them sniff it for awhile.

On the Main Lake, if the wind blows the shallow water bite is starting to show at times.  Look to 7-12 feet and areas where you can find scattered boulders. A jig and minnow is tough to beat when the wind is blowing.  Crankbaits are still catching fish and will the remainder of the fall.

Alot of boats have been fishing muskies on the Lake with the PMTT and the Frank Schneider tournaments and it looks as if fishing has been decent for them.  This time of year you may have to slow things down and use more rubber baits such as Madussas or Bull Dawgs to work over these fish.

Perch fishing is starting to pick up as well.  Look for good green weed growth to old active perch.  1/16th or 1/8th oz jigs and minnows are the ticket. This bite should only get better.

Enjoy the weather and Tight Lines!


Leisure Outdoor Adventures Guide Team

Jason Freed

President of Leisure Outdoor Adventures



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