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Fishing Report: October 3, 2017

Well we are getting to the tale end of things this fall, but there is still alot of open water fishing left.  Here is quick report from Leisure Outdoor Adventures.

Walleye fishing has been really up and down of late.  The cooler temps and stable weather should push the water temps down into the upper 50s and that is usually when fall fishing takes off.  A jig and minnow is often the ticket.  An 1/8th oz jig tipped with a golden shiner or rainbow is a great presentation on Leech Lake.  Cadence and colors often times change day to day, so pay close attention to details.  Look to wind blown shorelines and points that have had wind blowing into them for a couple days to produce.  If it is a strong wind look in 5-8feet of water and on lighter blow days move out into 10-12 feet of water.  The obvious areas should hold fish such as Pine Point, Stoney, Little Stony, Ottertail, Two Points, Sandy Beach, and the Flats around Goose Island.  When working the flats pay close attention to where you are seeing bait and also subtle contour lines.  Flats can be intimidating to fish, so the best thing to do is cover ground and work a large area until you connect with fish and then work that area over.

Have a Great Fall!

Leisure Outdoor Adventures

Jason Freed

President of Leisure Outdoor Adventures



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