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Fishing Report for May 29, 2023

Leech Lake 5/29/23

Steve Nosbisch

Fishing on Leech lake has been very good this past week. Walleyes, Crappies, Sunfish, and Pike are plentiful right now. Sand flats in 7’-12’ of water adjacent to shoreline rocks are holding a good number of walleyes right now, and they are hungry! A KenKatch Tackle Co. 3D eye jig with a spottail shiner was as good as it gets this past week, especially if you have any wind or it is overcast. Although a jig and minnow is still the primary bait of choice, a slip bobber and a leech did produce some fish this week as well. The fish are moving quite a bit lately, so continuing to move to stay on top of them has been extremely important.

As far as panfish go, there are plenty of fish to be caught. Shallow weed lines in 2’-4’ of water are holding both crappies and sunfish. These fish are in the midst of spawning, so please practice selective harvest and release the largest spawners. A simple bobber rig with a small jig tipped with a crappie minnow, panfish leech, or wax worm is all that is needed to catch a few of these fish.

Leisure Outdoor Adventures

What a fantastic Memorial weekend for fishing Leech Lake! The weather cooperated and so did the fish. Wind out of the south for several days stacked a lot of fish up in predictable locations.
The south side of Pine Point in Traders Bay has both walleye and perch located in the 10-14ft break lines heading into Traders Bay. Walleyes were scattered around the same depths in Sucker Bay west and North of Goose Island. Walleyes are starting to be active on and around Pelican island in the 10-12 ft sand / rock flats. Portage bay continues to be hot on the wind blown shorelines with jigs and minnows.
Techniques for this weekend were jigs and minnows, Lindy rigs with Crawlers and Leeches as well as some bobbers on and around wind blown rock piles on the main lake. As before, keeping the bait away from the boat with ⅛ ounce weights is very key. Looks for fish to start hitting spinners with the waters pushing up into the mid 60’s this week.
Crappie and Sunfish action continues to be good in the area in shallow waters of the warmer bays around Leech.
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