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Fishing Report for May 23, 2022

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Leech Lake

Walleyes on Leech Lake found themselves spread out but feeding on shiners.  A Jig and shiner and lindy rigs with shiners and crawlers were the go to presentations during the course of the week.  Somedays walleyes were wanting it dragged along which is where lindy rigs worked well and other days snapping or twitching a jig and minnow was the ticket.  So being diverse in your presentations, changing up jig colors and cadences, and getting away from the crowds is the ticket.

West End – Fish were found on Star Point, Grand Vu Flats, Duck Point, Pine Point, Stoney, and on some of the breaklines in Traders Bay.  Depending on the day depths changed, but it seemed the best bite was in 8-14 feet of water.  Find the shiners and you found walleyes closeby!  Look for this trend to increase as the week progresses and the water temps recover from the recent cold snap.

Jumbo Perch are also showing up with the walleyes, but often times will be shallower.  Found some of our best perch bites in 6-10ft of water, with some really nice jumbos mixed in.


Austin Michaud 218-507-0779

Leech Lake Guide Team LLC

The recent cold front lowered the water temps back down to the lower 50’s but with warmer temperatures coming each day the temps should reach mid to high 50’s by mid week. Targeting areas with warmer surface temperatures and ideal bottom composition such as weed to sand transitions, rock to sand transitions, rock rubble to larger boulders, and wind blown sand flats where increased amounts of spottail shiners will begin to show up with surface temperatures getting closer to 60 degrees. Mounds point to oak point resort, grand vu flats, star point, little hardwoods, big hardwoods, snake pits, west goose flats, little stony, wind blown break lines and shallow flats in traders bay. 1/16, 1/8, 1/4 ounce jigs tipped with fatheads, rainbows, golden shiners, small pike minnows, and spottail shiners are a great way to start. We are seeing increased activity on Lindy rigs tipped with leeches and night crawlers. Slip bobbers are great option if you can get positioned over a larger school of fish. Checkout our full report and guided fishing trips at


Fishing Report by Dick Weinberger


The week started slowly but picked up later in the week as the water temp hit the mid 50’s. Wind limited access to some points and made boat control challenging with 20+mph winds.    With the fish still in recovery mode a slow presentation was key.  Jig and minnow was effective with green being my most successful color.  Most of the fish were caught in 9-11ft .  Some were taken on the next break line about 12-14ft.  When you found fish, anchoring or using spot lock, and then using a slip bobber and leech or pitching a jig and minnow proved effective.  The weekend was cold with 10-14mph winds and the water temp fell back to about 50 but those that braved the conditions were rewarded with a solid bite.  With no spot tail shiners to be had, rainbows were effective as well as fatheads and half a crawler, all on a jig.  I am hoping for a more consistent bite as water temps go back up but until then continue to use a variety of baits and presentations.




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