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Fishing Report for May 17, 2021

What a beautiful weekend to be on Leech Lake.  Fisherman were met with calm and sunny conditions for most of the weekend, but many found walleyes that were willing to cooperate.

Shallow areas with a mixture of sand and new growth weeds seemed to hold that majority of fish. There are plenty of baitfish in 7’-9’ of water and the walleyes are close by. Areas around Goose Island and Stony Point produced some fish this weekend. As typical with opening weekend a jig and minnow was the bait of choice.

As the week goes on I would expect a jig and minnow to still be the best presentation. As far as location goes, continue to focus your efforts on shoreline flats adjacent to break lines. When the wind blows don’t forget about the main lake points. The wind concentrates bait which concentrates fish. When it is calm and sunny focus your efforts slightly deeper in 9’-12’ of water. When it is overcast or the wind is blowing spend some time fishing shallower in   5’-9’ of water.

Capt. Steve Nosbisch


Leech Lake was welcomed with thousands of anglers this week.  The great weather forecast and first chance to jump on some early season walleyes brought many to the area.

Water temps for the most part are in the mid 50 degree range.  Early season hotspots such as Hardwoods, Duck Points, Pine Point and Bear Island were all top producers of the weekend.  Walleyes are still relatively staging close to spawning areas and “eater size” fish seemed to be the most active.  As temps increase and stabilize through the week look for those fish to move out to adjacent breaklines and become more spread out.

Panfish action is in full swing.  Crappies and Bluegills went from showing up in shallow areas in north bays, to creating spawning beds with the increased water temps in those same areas.  Steamboat Bay and Siucker Bay in new emerginhg bullrushes are holding most fish.

Leisure Outdoor Adventures Guide Team

Jason Freed

President of Leisure Outdoor Adventures




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