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Fishing Report: June 8, 2020

Dick Weinberger


This past week saw the transition from shinners to leaches and crawlers complete. Early in the week all three were good.  By mid week leeches were head to head out producing shinners.  By the end of the week I saw the first crayfish showing up in some of the walleyes,  which means the crawler bit is about to take off. The water temps rose all week and are now in the mid to upper 60’s.  The fish continue to pull away from the shore lines and are settling into their summer spots.  I found the best fishing in rocks but also found them on summer sand/weed flats and deeper edges in several bays.   Many have moved from the second break to the third.  During the day especially with calm winds the 12-15 foot depths are a good place to start.


Swansons’ Bait  & Tackle

Brought to us by Fish On Outdoors with Bill Hornung

Panfish- Sunfish can be found in the shallow water. sight fish them and cast small jigs(Mini-Mite) at them for fast action. slide out a little deeper off the break to find crappies.

Walleye- These guys are hungry! Crawlers, leeches, and minnows are working at different times of the day. Work these baits along the breaks in 8-12ft or 14-18ft. Casting a jig and shiner is also working on wind swept rocks, don’t be afraid to try jigs with plastics in these spots. Jigraps are still putting the most fish in the boat. Work them fast to locate active fish, then try slower presentations.

Fishing is really good right now, water temps are heating up and so is the fishing! Good Luck! #FishOn


Capt. Steve Nosbisch 

Overall fishing has remained steady on Leech Lake. The water is continuing to warm up, and the fish are continuing to transition into their summer areas.

The walleyes seem to be moving quickly right now. You’ll catch a few fish in one spot today, but then have to move to a different area tomorrow stay on them. The good news is when you find a group of fish they are typically willing to bite. Trolling crankbaits or spinner rigs are a great way to locate active fish. The jig and minnow bite has still been steady on overcast and windy days. Otherwise, a Lindy rigs and a leech or night crawlers is a sure bet when slowly combing an area.

The muskies are still spread out after the spawn., and probably will for for the next couple of weeks. People willing to spend some time casting are seeing some fish on Leech Lake and surrounding area. Bucktails and jerkbaits seem to be producing the most action. The deep open water also has some fish in it. Trolling large crankbaits 10” or bigger are catching those fish.

The multi species bite has been very good this past week. The pike and bass are really relating to the warm water and new weed growth of The year. Casting swimbaits and spinnerbaits are a great way to catch them this time of year.

Our team of Leech Lake Fishing Guides have been running all over the lake of late and finding success.  Leech Lake Walleyes are on the move and the bite changes each day and the presentation.  We have literally caught walleyes this week on jigs, slip bobbers, spinners, lindy rigs, jigging raps, etc.  Leeches, crawlers, and shiners have also all worked.  Day to day things change, there are bug hatches happening in some parts of the lake and the walleyes are feeding on them and young perch.  The best fishing remains in 10-16 feet of water of late working shoreline breaks, wind blow structures, the edges of rock bars and reefs, as well as some of the major points or structures on the lake.



Leisure Outdoor Adventures Guide Team

On the East Side the areas around Annex, Sub, Pelican Island, Bear Island and some of the rock reefs are all kicking out fish.  On the West End of the Lake, Duck, 2nd Duck, Sucker, Stony, Pine Point, and the flats around Goose Island on any given day have also been good.  Finding the pods of bait has been the key to finding the fish.  The big thing is bring all the different kinds of bait and be willing to try different presentations based on the conditions you are given that day.

Musky fishing opened up this weekend and the best tactic is open water trolling along key pieces of structure.  Panfish remains solid as they are starting to move out into the weed beds more as well.  A small jig with a piece of meat or plastic is the ticket there.

Be sure to give us a call at 1-855-LOA-HOOK to get out with us and look up our Guide Life Podcast at Buzz Sprout, Spotify, and I Heart Radio


Tight Lines

Until next week






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