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Fishing Report – June 29, 2020

Brought to us by Fish On Outdoors with Bill Hornung – Swanson Bait & Tackle

Walleye- Summer patterns are working for walleye on local lakes. Try trolling spinners with crawlers on bottom bouncers to locate active fish. Start in depths of 8-12ft and work deeper, a good reminder with bottom bouncer weight is to go 1oz for every 10ft of water. Try leeches and crawlers on a lindy rig or jigrap any active pods of fish.

Bass- Largemouth are still in or on weeds. Texas rigs are a great option for lots of action. Smallmouth are relating to rocks. Deeper rocks (+25ft) seem to be holding bigger fish. Lindy rigs with live bait is a great option for these fish.

Crappie/Panfish- Start shallow in the weeds and workout to the weed edge. Trolling small jigs in the cabbage will produce crappies. Low light seems to be the best time to find active fish.

Good Luck! #FishOn


Dick Weinberger


This past week we had a lot of bug hatches and much warmer weather.  The walleyes are scattered and you have to cover water to find active fish.   Crawlers with a bottom bouncers is a great way to do just that.  The perch can be a nuisance but you just have to put up with it.  I have started to use leeches with a bottom bouncer due to the perch and a couple of days the leech actually out preformed the crawler. With the water temps getting into the low 70’s this weekend I spent some time trolling open water for Muskie.  We caught two, one just at sunset and the other just at sunrise. Another option is to troll the open water and when you find a school of bait, stop and throw the edges of the bait.  With the warmer temp I would  look for the Muskie to start showing up in the shallow bays around the scattered cabbage.


Capt. Steve Nosbisch


Fishing has remained steady on Leech Lake. Plenty of fish are being caught, but you’ve got to stay mobile to stay on top of them. The bug hatches are in full swing now, so the fish are keying in on areas with the highest concentrations of bugs. Covering water with spinner rigs and night crawlers being pulled at 0.9-1.2 mph are producing a good number of walleyes on the west side of the lake. During low light hours pulling crankbaits In 6’-9’ of water has also been productive.


The northern pike and bass have been very active this week near the greenest weeds on the lake in 3’-5’ of water. Casting moving baits such as spoons, spinnerbaits, and swim jigs are good ways to catch them. You’ll find panfish in many of the same areas, but slightly deeper in 6’-8’ of water. A small jig and a panfish leech is a good way to catch them.


The muskie bite has been steady. We are off to a great start this year. Fish are now being caught both trolling and casting. There seems to be a few more fish in the open water, but that should be changing shortly. Casting bucktails and jerkbaits have been productive for the casters. Trolling 10”-14” crankbaits has been working well when targeting the open water fish.



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