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Fishing Report for June 26, 2023

Steve Nosbisch

Leech Lake


Fishing has remained steady on Leech Lake despite the Mayfly hatch being in full force. Pulling crank baits, crawler harnesses, Lindy rigs, and slip bobbers are all working well at times. Weed lines near soft bottom areas where the mayflies may be hatching have been holding plenty of walleyes. When a group of fish is found you can catch them by floating a slip bobber and leech over them. If they are spread out more then staying moving is important. A Lindy rig and a night crawler or a spinner rig and night crawler pulled at 0.7-1.3 mph has been effective. Other areas that are holding walleyes are flats areas in 11’-14’ of water.  These fish are typically more spread out and covering ground with perch or crayfish colored crankbaits should produce a few fish.

There are a few sunfish hanging tight to the shallow water spawning areas, but most have moved to the first break lines just outside of their spawning areas. Cast weed lines with either a small jig and a plastic, or a slip bobber and panfish leech until you come across a group of feeding fish.



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