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Fishing Report: June 24, 2019

Steve Nosbisch Guide Service

The Walleye fishing continues to remain good on Leech Lake. The bait of choice has changed, but for the most part the locations have not changed much. Earlier in the week a jig and minnow was by far the bait of choice in my boat, but recently a Lindy Rig and leech or crawler has taken over. Pulling a spinner rig and night crawler or a crank bait is a great way to find fish, but moving slowly through an area where you have found fish with a Lindy Rig tipped with a leech or night crawler is putting the most fish in the boat. Concentrating on rocky shoreline transition areas in 12’-20’ and soft bottom flat areas in 12’-14’ have been productive. The fish are constantly on the move following the mayflies, small perch, or crayfish, so staying mobile is important. West Goose Flats, First Duck Point, and the Stony Point area are good places to start your search.

Recently, we have started to experience the yearly mayfly hatch. These hatches can affect fishing, but staying persistent and mobile will continue to put fish in the boat.



Leisure Outdoor Adventures

The bite has continued to be solid despite the crazy weather pattern that has been taking place in Central Minnesota. As such, day to day, the techniques change and you need to be ready to adapt. Spinners and Lindy rigs have been good, but there is still a jig and shiner bite that is hanging on, as long as you can find shiners. Depths to target on the West side main lake will be 10-15 FOW, Walker Bay depths can be 15-25 FOW depending on wind and cloud cover.

Traders Bay, Grand Vu Flats, and any points that have wind blowing into them; the duck points, stony have been solid thus far. With the bug hatch beginning look to spinners, slow death, and using creature style baits such as crawlers and leeches to over take the minnow bite.  Right now with crayfish molting, bugs hatching, and young of the year perch the walleyes have many different things to choose from. Covering ground and speed can be the name of the game.

Muskies are starting to erupt from a long winters nap as well. Main lake rocks, shallow bays with the sun warming them are all good targets during the early season.


Jason Freed

President of Leisure Outdoor Adventures




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