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Fishing Report for June 15, 2020

Leisure Outdoor Adventures Guide Team

HOLY WIND BATMAN!!  Leech Lake has proven to show her angry face a few times in the past week with the wind and waves.  We always say Leech is a wind driven lake well when it blows that hard it takes 112,000 acre lake and can make it fish pretty small at times.  We are definitely in that summer transition period right now.  We have crayfish molting, bugs hatching, and the walleyes are on the move.  Right now the best walleye fish on most days is in 12-16 feet of water and even out into 18-20 at times.  When the wind blows though the bait can move up shallow and the walleyes will chase.  Those days its still hard to beat a jig and minnow and on the other days it seems like crawlers and leeches on a rig or trolling spinners on a crawler harness or slow death is the ticket.

Finding those transition areas is key right now so finding the mud transitions or gravel/rock, sand to mud, etc is really the key to finding fish.  With Leech you want to find those key areas where some wind has been blowing in and you will find the fish.  The main lake rocks around Pelican, Big Rock Ivans, Sandy Beach, etc are starting to put out more fish.  On the West Side of the lake, Traders Bay, Little Stoney, 2nd Duck, and West Goose Flats are still also kicking out fish.

Musky fishing is overall still pretty slow with some reports coming in.  Trolling the basin or off of structure for suspended fish is a good way to start or casting small bucktails or inline spinners in emergent weed beds.

We have been catching alot of smallies mixed in with the walleyes at times, so start keying in on those rock and sand flats and casting small crankbaits, jerkbaits, top waters on calm days. or a classic tube to chase these bronzebacks.

Until Next Week

Jason Freed

President of Leisure Outdoor Adventures





Fishing Report-Swanson’s Bait & Tackle

Brought to us by Fish On Outdoors with Bill Hornung

High winds, changing weather, and bug hatches has made fishing less consistent.

Walleye- Have been scattered all over, some fish have been on shallow rocks (less than 5ft). Pitching jigs in shallow weeds is also working (tip the jig with a minnow, plastic, or half a crawler). Rigging live bait (minnows, crawlers, & leeches) deeper in 10-14ft is also working. Different baits are working at different times  so you should have them all. Jigraps in deeper water (more than 15ft) is also producing.

Bass- Try throwing weightless senkos in the pads and weeds for largemouth. Bass may also be just off the edge of the weeds. Smallmouth are still relating to the rocks. Jerk baits like X-raps are a great way to locate fish. Top water in low light is also a fun way to get action.

Panfish- Have moved out a little deeper. Look for these fish to get more active as we get warmer temps. Slip bobber rigs are still the best way to put fish in the boat. small jigs with minnows will get actions.

Good Luck! #Fishon

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