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Fishing Report for June 13, 2022

Steve Nosbisch 

Leech Lake Guide Team

Leech Lake East Side Report: 06/12/2022

Fish has remained pretty solid this week on the east side.  Walleye have started to move out of their spring areas onto their early summer spots.  Transitioning to some deeper rocks piles, gravel and sand edges and even some into the mud.  On windy days they will still move onto points such as Battle, North Tip of Bear and Ginsers Rock.  Try pitching a 1/4 ounce jig tipped with a shiner or half of a nightcrawler up shallow on these windy days.  I would try to stay off the fish but get that jig up into 4 feet of water.  Trying to keep it on the bottom yet off the rocks is tricky but  don’t overlook these spots they can produce nice fish. I still like parrot, watermelon or blue and white for jigs.

Slip bobber fishing has also been a great way to get on some of these fish.  Fishing a leech on a 1/8 ounce jig over rocks is great fun.  Pink, White, Blue and White or Parrot colored jigs work well.  Rocks around Diamond Point and rocks around Huddles Reef is a great place to start.  I like to have my jig about one foot off the bottom.  You can try higher and lower but it seems the fish would rather come up for the bait on slip bobber.

The Mayfly hatch can’t be too far away.  I caught a few fish pulling crawlers on spinners this week.  I do think this upcoming week could be the week where the crawler bite could be the ticket!


Dick Weinberger

This past week saw the transition from shinners to leaches and crawlers complete. The water temp has finally hit the mid 60’s and the result is more aggressive walleyes. The walleyes, even with stomachs full of perch, are aggressively hitting crawlers and leeches. I have been pulling spinners, with crawlers out preforming leeches. On calm days a slower presentation, rigging with a leech, in the same areas can be very effective. The fish continue to pull away from the shore lines and are settling into their summer spots. The sand/weed flats and deeper edges in the bays all had fish on them this week. With clouds and wind 9-11 ft is a good starting depth. With calm winds and sun, the 12-15 foot depths are a good place to start.


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