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Fishing Report for June 12, 2022

Steve Nosbisch
Leech Lake Guide Team
Leech Lake

Fishing remains consistent on Leech Lake. Some days are better than others, but that is to be expected in mid-July. With the yearly mayfly hatches tapering off the walleyes have began to spread out a little more. Pulling crankbaits or crawler harnesses in 12’-15’ of water is a great way to locate fish. Pay close attention to areas with a soft bottom, or sand to weed transitions. Often times those areas hold the most small perch, crayfish, and mayfly larvae that many of the walleyes are feeding on. If you find an area that fish seem concentrated in, try slowing down in that area with either slip bobber and a leech, or a live bait rig with either a leech or a nigh crawler.

The panfish for the most part have transitioned out of the shallows and onto the deeper weed edges in 10’-16’ of water. A 1/16th ounce jig and a minnow or a small leech has been putting a few fish in the boat. If you catch a sunfish, crappie, or jumbo perch be sure to slow down and fish the area thoroughly before moving on.

The Muskies seem to be transitioning from the deeper basin areas to the vast shallow structure Leech Lake has to offer. Bucktails fished over the best weed beds have generated the most interest from active fish recently.


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