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Fishing Report for July 20, 2020

Fishing Report-Swanson’s Bait & Tackle

Brought to us by Fish On Outdoors with Bill Hornung

Panfish/Crappie- Find deep cabbage, find fish. Some cabbage may be all the way out to 18-20ft. Troll light jigs just above the tops of the weeds. Try different colors and even larger sizes.

Bass- Frogs worked in the weeds during low light is a great way to catch em! Texas rig large plastics and work them in the in the weeds for bass. Burn spinner baits  along weed edges for even more action.

Walleye- Lindy rigs, bottom bouncers with spinners and crawlers are the best way to boat walleye. Start in the 9-13ft range and work  out deeper until you contact fish.Perch, smallmouth, and panfish have all been using the same depths. Once you contact fish, be sure to fish the area.

Muskie- Warm temps will fire these fish up! look for rocks to hold these fish. Bucktails and topwater baits are good choices.

Good Luck!



Dick Weinberger


The walleyes are getting to their summer mid lake pattern. This past week I split time between bottom bouncers and pulling Raps. We had success with both but with the abundant food supply it is now time to cover more water faster which mean pulling Raps in open water. Most of the walleyes still had crayfish in them so a crayfish color Rap is a great place to start. I also like a silver shad or perch color.  Some days it doesn’t matter other days it does.  I like to get out several different colors and change to the hot color if you see a pattern.  Muskie action and sightings have been slow but with the warm water temps they should be moving into shallow water.  Weeds are a good place to start but rocks and even 5-7 foot sand should not be overlooked.



Leisure Outdoor Adventures 


Leech Lake

The bite has been real up and down and taking advantage of peak feeding periods is the key right now.  Early morning and evening are producing the best bite in 8-16 feet of water along sand flats and breaks either using slip bobbers and leeches or pulling lindy rigs with crawlers and leeches.  During the day covering ground by either pulling crankbaits, throwing jigging raps, power corking, or pulling lindy rigs with crawlers, chubs, and leeches is still working in 18-28 feet of water.  Water temps are in the mid to upper 70s right now. The crankbait bite should start to pick up more as well, in and around the Goose Island area.


Musky fishing on Leech is starting pick up by throwing bucktails, top waters, and jerkbaits along the rock piles and reefs on the Main Lake.  Peak feeding periods are the name of the game right now.


Well, you are here to fish you should also explore what the Leech Lake Area has to offer!

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