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Fishing & Ice Report for January 28 – Trappers Landing Resort

Ice Report 1/28/2020

Currently, on the south end of Leech Lake, we are finding 18-24” of ice on and off the ice road. Slush and flooding continue to be the problem for getting off road and creating effective cutouts for any ice houses. With the warmer temps Highs in the upper 30’s being expected this weekend that will compound that slush and flooding problem. We will continue to be closed to Wheel House traffic for the weekend. People looking to drive out and use portables are welcome as long as you drill and fish further than 100′ away from any roads and houses on the lake, you will flood out those roads by drilling to close and rentals due to the weight on the ice. Our Rental houses and onsite guests will continue to be able to use the ice road and access there are currently no limitations for our onsite guests. We are crossing our fingers for colder weather but the long term forecast does not look favorable.

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