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F.O.G. Firearms and Cartridge Company – Guest Blogger: Danielle

F.O.G (Finger of God) Firearms and Cartridge Company L.L.C. is located in Walker, Minnesota. We are a family owned and operated ammunition manufacturer that specializes in quality loaded cartridges in many different calibers using only premium bullets and propellants.  Every round produced in our shop is hand inspected to ensure that you get only the highest quality products in turn allowing you to buy with confidence. All of our products are backed by our satisfaction guarantee.  We have a retail area with factory direct pricing for our ammunition. Additionally, we have a small collection of new and used firearms for sale that have been fully inspected by our on-site gunsmith, making sure that all the firearms that leave our shop are safe, properly maintained, and ready to be enjoyed. Our Hours are Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm.

F.O.G. Firearms all started because of a retiree who just couldn’t seem to stay retired. In 2009, John and Diana moved from Iowa to the Leech Lake Area, where they had been vacationing for the past 27 years. They bought a house on Shingobee Bay and had planned to enjoy their retirement by doing some fishing, and of course relaxing. Their son, Blake, had attended Trinidad State College in Colorado and earned a degree in gunsmithing and a degree in CNC machining. After two years of retirement, John decided to go back to work with his son leaving him with no time to fish! Starting in 2012, the company was in a 2,400 square foot building located at John and Diana’s home property. We have recently moved over to a 20,000 square foot building in the Walker Industrial Park due to having such a growing business.

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