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Experience Winter in Walker, MN with These 5 Activities


Get ready for a winter adventure in Walker, MN! From drilling holes for a day of ice fishing on Leech Lake to revving up snowmobiles on thrilling, groomed trails, Walker has it all.

Ice Fishing

Leech Lake offers a unique experience for anglers as they set up their fish houses in search of walleye, perch, panfish, and northern pike. However, amidst the excitement, safety should always be a top priority. Before venturing onto the frozen expanse of Leech Lake, it’s crucial to check the ice thickness regularly, ensuring it’s at least four inches for a single person and even thicker for larger groups. Wearing proper cold-weather gear, including a life jacket, is essential, especially when conditions are unpredictable. Carrying ice picks and a rope can be lifesaving in case of an emergency. Being well-prepared and knowledgeable about the ice conditions ensures that anglers can fully enjoy the beauty of Leech Lake while staying safe on the ice.


Thanks to the enchanting blend of freshly fallen snow and an extensive network of trails, the town becomes a playground for snowmobile enthusiasts. The five main snowmobile trails act as lifelines, connecting Walker to neighboring areas in all directions. Dive into the heart of the Chippewa National Forest along the designated trails or, for those craving a taste of adventure, ride along unplowed forest roads. 

Winter Hiking

Walker offers a variety of trails that cater to both novice and experienced winter hikers, providing an opportunity to explore nature amidst the tranquility of the season. Venture along the shores of Leech Lake or meander through the snow-covered forests of the Chippewa National Forest. Make sure to bundle up in warm layers, wear sturdy winter boots, and consider bringing trekking poles for added stability! 

Cross Country Skiing

Walker offers a variety of cross-country skiing routes, catering to all skill levels and providing an immersive way to discover the beauty of the season. A short drive south of Walker along Highway 34, Shingobee Hills, formerly recognized as the Shingobee Winter Playground, has evolved into a cherished destination for cross-country skiing enthusiasts. Once a prominent downhill ski area, it now boasts six miles of captivating looped trails! For those looking to explore a bit further, Itasca State Park, a mere 35 miles from Walker, beckons with 13 miles of meticulously groomed ski trails, accommodating both classic and skate skiing preferences.

Ice Skating

The Walker Area Community Center offers open skating during designated times, with skate rentals available at their front desk! It’s a winter experience you won’t want to miss – whether you’re on the lake, in the community center, or at the rinks, Walker has the perfect spots for you to twirl and whirl on the ice.


For those seeking warmth indoors, Walker offers a wide variety of shopping experiences and dining options. Explore local shops or eat a cozy meal at one of our restaurants! Whether you’re drawn to the icy adventures outdoors or the inviting ambiance indoors, Walker ensures there’s something for everyone to enjoy during the winter months. 

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