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Men Fishing at Brindley' Harbor Leech Lake

Everything You Need to Know for Spring Opener

Whether you’ll visit Leech Lake or live in the Walker, MN area, we’re excited to have you for this year’s Spring Opener! Leech Lake fishing is a way of life to be enjoyed by all, and we’re so excited to have you, both on our lake and exploring all the things to do in Walker.

As you get ready for fishing season, here are some good things to know! Of course, you can always contact us for any questions!


  • The Sunfish limit has changed!

    Sunfish, also known as Bluegill, are a great fish you can catch all year-round, meaning you can reel one in on Mother’s Day, even though the official spring opener doesn’t take place for another week. But do know that on Leech Lake, the sunfish limit has been reduced to 5 per day.

    Of course, you can take in the great Leech Lake fishing the next day and catch 5 more. In total, you can keep 20 sunfish per angler.

  • Mom fishes for free on Mother’s Day!

    Despite the spring opener changing, Mom can still fish for free. You can catch perch, catfish, crappie, sunfish and bullhead. Then bring Mom back the next weekend for Leech Lake walleye fishing and the official spring opener!

  • Married couples – take note of combination-type fishing licenses!

    This year, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources will require married couples who purchase a combination fishing license will require each spouse to have a profile on file with the DNR. 

    This just means both spouses will give the DNR information like names, birthdates and social security numbers. Though, if you’re older than 21 and purchasing your couple’s fishing license in Leech Lake, make sure you each bring your drivers license or state-issued license. Both will be required. State law doesn’t require that you purchase your combination license together, so one can buy theirs and the other can pick theirs up separately later.

  • Take note of our other limits for Spring Opener:

    You can keep four walleyes while fishing on Leech Lake, and one that measures 20 inches or more. While you may have heard that Whitefish is limitless on Minnesota lakes, make Leech Lake your exception. You can keep 25 whitefish on Leech Lake. You can keep 50 cisco, which are also known as tullibee.

  • Leech Lake isn’t just for fishing!
    After your long day of Leech Lake fishing, make sure you grab a good bite to eat. We have everything you can imagine, from a nice Mother’s Day out, to a family dinner, to local beer and wine. Browse our options here!
    If you’re excited for your beloved to go fishing on Leech Lake but… not excited to fish, yourself, we have you covered with lots of local shopping and exploring.
    Or, you can spend the day hanging out at the brewery or one of our wineries!
    We have plenty of options to enjoy your Spring Opener, whether you’re staying at Leech Lake or it’s just an extra-special weekend in your local town. Check out our directory here!
    No matter what, have a safe and fun Spring Opener! We look forward to seeing you.

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