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D&B Outdoors, Inc. Joins the Leech Lake Chamber

D&B stands for Danielle and Brad. Danielle grew up in Colorado, and Brad grew up in Swanville, MN. Danielle and Brad met in 2011, married in 2018. We’ll just say “life brought us to Walker”. We both grew up hunting, fishing, and camping. We often find ourselves reminiscing about fishing trips we took together and what we did during our childhood. Danielle has always wanted to provide a service for fishermen/women, and families because she had never ice fished a day in her life until she met Brad. Danielle has so much fun ice fishing. Brad took her to Lake of the Woods for the first time in 2011 and she was “hooked”. This is when we started talking about owning our own business because not everyone has all the equipment or knowledge to actually go ice fishing and catch fish. We want to share this opportunity with as many people as we possibly can and do our very best to make sure they have some great memories to look back on just like we do!

Fast forward to February 2022. It was a wet and slushy winter. A ton of snow and just miserable. We like to fish, but with the accumulations of snow we got that year, it made it difficult to get out on the lake with a four wheeler plow. So, Danielle heard Brad talking to a mutual friend about a plow truck that may be coming up for sale. Brad was on the fence about it (He’s not an impulse buyer) and was brought up here and there in conversation, but he just wouldn’t bite the bullet. Well, Valentine’s Day was coming up and Danielle had NO idea what to get him. She thought about the plow truck, got a hold of the mutual friend and found out that the plow truck guy will sell! Danielle went to the bank, pulled out the cash, and made up a story that would get Brad in that driveway to pick it up. (He was crabby and tired… DID NOT WANT TO GO) They get to the driveway, Danielle pulls out the cash and tells Brad, “If you want it, it’s yours”. Brad’s eyes lit up in surprise. Brad and Danielle went home with the plow truck! From that day forward Brad was on the lake plowing roads, etc and said he wanted to plow driveways the next winter. Brad also suggested that we could also rent out our fish house. Danielle thought it was a great idea as well. So, we finally have our business and made an LLC.

Fast forward to 2024. The outdoors isn’t about hunting and fishing. It’s about being outside! Helping people, getting to know our fellow neighbors and community. We now mow lawns, spray for mosquitoes, do spring and fall yard cleanups, fish house rentals (5 houses),and snow removal. We take pride in everything we do. We take care of our customers and guests and go above and beyond to make their experiences well worth their time. Walker has given us a wonderful opportunity to do everything we wanted to do and then some. We just had to make it happen.

Pictured are: Cindy Wannarka – Chamber Executive – Danielle – Peg Berg – chamber Board and Jed Shaw – Chamber Ambassador.

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