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Common Wedding Flower Mistakes – Guest Blogger – Teah Kuechle – TJ’s Florals and Gifts

Common Flower Mistakes your Florist Want you to Know:

Finding a gorgeous flower bouquet for inspiration can be fun, but getting down to business, choosing and designing and coordinating stems can be a whole another hurdle to jump. How are you to know the difference between a cornflower and chrysanthemum? Or how to maximize your blooms depending on the season – ona tight budget? That’s where your florist comes in.

Today we’re going to talk about 6 of the biggest and most common mistakes couples make when it comes to wedding florals. Heads up – this is exactly what we want you to know before coming in to meet with us.

1. Trying to Replicate Inspiration

We often see brides obsessed with an image, whether it’s from a bridal magazine, or Pinterest. It’s nearly impossible to re-create an image exactly. My advice for you is to focus less on replicating on a photo and instead be open and comfortable with the fact that all your inspiration is meant to be used as a springboard for a twist on your bouquet.

tj 1

2. Saying No Before You Know

I’ve talked to many brides who say “flowers just aren’t that important”. And they want to fill their reception space with non-floral objects. But with the rare exception, a certain amount of flowers (even if it’s very minimal) are necessary to soften a space. Trust us, we know sometimes flowers aren’t the main priority, but if you trust us we can help guide you to give you the right look.


  1. Being Closed- Minded About Colors

    The biggest flower mistake couples tend to make is not being open-minded to color palettes and flower types. Many times they have a set palette (and florals) in mind, but don’t know about other cool, rare blooms that happen to be in season at the time of their wedding. The best couples are one who can be loose and flexible with their floral choices, then we can find the most beautiful blooms for them that contrast and compliment their color palettes and florals for them.

    4. Assuming You Need Flowers Everywhere

    Some couples assume they need to have florals on every tables and in every corner. They don’t realize once the event spaces fill with people, most of those places go unseen or unappreciated. To avoid this, focus on your floral budgets on a few unforgettable statement pieces, using candles and other detailed accents. Another idea is using florals for all the memorable, photo-worthy moments, like your first look (highlight the bridal bouquet and the boutonniere), the “I-Do’s” at the alter (think about what florals will frame you as a couple) and the first dance (having wow-worthy blooms over or around the dance floor).

  2. Putting All Your Eggs in One Basket

    Florals are so seasonal, and due to weather changes, some things are just not dependable. Before settling on a specific flower, find out what’s perfect and in season before getting your heart set on that. In example; peonies are a favorite to many, but their season is short and typically are only in during the springtime.

And finally…

  1. Mistaking Inspiration for Reality.

A common mistake brides make is falling in love with a particular inspiration photo before finding out their seasonality or cost. While searching for inspiration can be fun, it is often lead to disappointment and confusion. Florals featured on social medial, or in magazines are typically high end blooms and look so stunning. An experienced floral designer can guide you to the right blooms for your special day that are available and within your budget.
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