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February 27, 2023

Leech Lake Fish House Rentals After somewhat dodging last week’s blizzard, ice and snow conditions remain relatively the same as last week. Off road travel on the main lake still remains somewhat difficult in many areas where drifting has occurred. Ice depths of 20-24 inches reported in almost all areas of the lake.  In Walker… More Info

February 21, 2023

My name is Nolan Bixby. I first started in the construction trade in 2011 as a carpenter with a company located in Bemidji, MN. After working with a few different great businesses, I decided to take my experience and start my own construction company. My family and I grew up in the area, so I… More Info

Ice and snow conditions remain relatively the same as last week with 18-24 inches being reported in almost all areas of the lake.  Snow has settled quite nicely in Walker Bay making off road traffic possible in most areas.  Main lake snow conditions, even though improved, are still limited as drifting and snow depths still remain in… More Info

February 14, 2023

Leech Lake Fish House Rentals Ice conditions across Walker Bay and the Main Lake have improved to a consistent 18-24 inches or better. is being found now.  Snow depths still remain in the 6″ to to a foot or more in some areas making off road traffic limited.  Walker Bay snow conditions are considerably better with… More Info

February 13, 2023

Welcome New Members -Cass SWCD Left to right: Jennifer O’Neill, SWCD Supervisor; Tom Kuschel, SWCD Supervisor; Jenny Blue, SWCD Clerk; Dave Peterson, SWCD Chairman; Cindy Wannarka, President Leech Lake Chamber; Dana Gutzmann, SWCD AIS Lake Technician; Ken LaPorte, SWCD Supervisor. The Cass SWCD recently approved the updated AIS Program Prevention and Management Plan and Dana… More Info