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Big Dig

How did our Big Dig get started?  by who? and why?

Dale and Harriet Jones were on vacation in New Zealand in 1983.  While on a backpacking trip, they came across a little town on the bay, very similar to Walker.  There were several hills of sand with children digging through them in search of capsules.  The kids would then turn their capsules in for various toys and prizes.   Thinking this was a great event to keep in mind and bring back to Walker.  Several years later the opportunity arose when they were contacted by Jeff Holly, a Chamber member. The Chamber was brainstorming for Walker Bay Days and were looking for new activities for the event.  Dale and Harriet explained the dig from New Zealand and were able to include it in the Walker Bay Days event.  Dale and Harriet say the event would never happen without the great support of all the volunteers for all the hard work in putting it together and the local stores offering the purchase of the toys at cost.  It is really a Team effort.  Dale and Harriet couldn’t be happier to see their event grow every year.



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